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Vol. 128 No. 6, December 2012

Invited Papers

  • Analytic Methods in Open String Field Theory
    ( Yuji Okawa )

  • Subbarrier Fusion Reactions and Many-Particle Quantum Tunneling
    ( Kouichi Hagino and Noboru Takigawa )


General and Mathematical Physics

  • Quaternionic Variational Formalism for General Relativity in Riemann and Riemann-Cartan Space-Times
    ( Katsusada Morita )

  • Synchronization Thresholds of Coupled Self-Excited Nonidentical Pendula Suspended on the Vertically Displacing Beam
    ( Marcin Kapitaniak, Piotr Brzeski, Krzysztof Czolczynski, Przemys\law Perlikowski, Andrzej Stefanski and Tomasz Kapitaniak )

Particles and Fields

  • Confinement and Dynamical Symmetry Breaking in Non-SUSY Gauge Theory from S-Duality in String Theory
    ( Shigeki Sugimoto )

  • Analytical Calculation on Critical Magnetic Field in Holographic Superconductors with Backreaction
    ( Xian-Hui Ge and Hong-Qiang Leng )

  • Suppressing Proton Decay by Cancellation in S4 Flavor Symmetric Extra U(1) Model
    ( Yasuhiro Daikoku and Hiroshi Okada )

  • Mass Insertion Formula for Chargino Contribution to ΔB = 1 Wilson Coefficients and Its Application to CP Asymmetries of B —> Kπ
    ( Motoi Endo and Takahiro Yoshinaga )

  • Toward an Understanding of Short Distance Repulsions among Baryons in QCD
    NBS Wave Functions and Operator Product Expansion

    ( Sinya Aoki, Janos Balog and Peter Weisz )


  • Level Spacings of Parametric Chiral Random Matrices and Two-Color QCD with Twisted Boundary Condition
    ( Shinsuke M. Nishigaki )

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