Announcement: PTP changes into PTEP

This journal ``Progress of Theoretical Physics" (PTP) has been published for more than a half century since 1946 as a highly esteemed scientific journal in the world.   We, however, have to announce that the publication of PTP by the present Publication Office of PTP will terminate with volume 128 number 6 in December 2012.

Our Publication Office of PTP has recently agreed with the Physical Society of Japan (JPS) that the publication of PTP will be transferred from the Publication Office of PTP to JPS.   We have made this decision since we think that the international physics journals from Japan should be unifiedly published by JPS and they should cover all fields of physics.

The successor of PTP, published by JPS regularly from January 2013, is renamed into ``Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics" (PTEP) to show an equal emphasis on experimental and theoretical research.   Moreover, in order to make the readers' access easier and wider, the new journal PTEP becomes a totally open-access and on-line journal.   The whole back numbers of the present PTP will also be made open-access and on-line there.

The present subscribers will therefore no longer need pay the subscription fee for PTEP.   We would like to express our sincere thanks for your continual support to our PTP for the long period.   We also cordially ask all the readers of PTP to submit many good papers of their own also to the new journal PTEP to make it further more esteemed world journal than PTP.

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Progress of Theoretical Physics

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(Last Update: March 21, 2012)

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