Final Annoucement

It is our sincere regret that the publication of Progress of Theoretical Physics (PTP) is terminated at the end of 2012 with volume 128 number 6.   We are proud that PTP has been regarded as one of highly qualified journals in the world since its start for the publication in 1946, and published two celebrated papers of Nobel Prize for 1965 and 2008.

On the other hand, it is our great pleasure that Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics (PTEP), which is a successor to PTP, has already launched for the publication supported by the Physical Society of Japan and Oxford University Press.   In 2012, PTEP has published some special issues, and it will regularly publish original contributions from 2013.   PTEP will welcome papers on both experiments and theories.   It is obvious that the new journal can cover the subjects in all fields of physics thanks to the change of the name of the journal from PTP to PTEP.   The whole back number of PTP will be able to be read in the web site of PTEP.

It is remarkable that PTEP is a fully open access and online-only journal for the convenience of readers.   It is also notable that PTEP has been selected as one of twelve SCOAP3 journals, which is advocated by CERN to promote new style open access journals.   The selection of PTEP as one of SCOAP3 journals is thanks to the brilliant history of PTP, and means that PTEP is and will be regarded as one of important world-wide journals, at least, in high energy physics.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to you for all your supports to PTP for a long time.   We also cordially ask all readers of PTP to submit good papers to PTEP to promote the new journal.

Editorial Committee
Progress of Theoretical Physics

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