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PROGRESS OF THEORETICAL PHYSICS is a monthly journal which contains academic research papers on theoretical physics. It was founded by Hideki YUKAWA in 1946. Now it is published for the Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics and the Physical Society of Japan. This journal publishes mainly the submitted and refereed original papers in all fields of theoretical physics such as particle physics, field theory, nuclear physics, condensed matter physics, statistical physics, astrophysics and cosmology. Each issue contains Papers and Letters, and, sometimes, Invited Papers on theoretical and experimental physics. Besides the monthly issues, PROGRESS OF THEORETICAL PHYSICS SUPPLEMENT is published approximately quarterly. Each issue contains either long original or review papers or a collection of papers on some specific topics.

ISSN: PTP 0033-068X (print) , 1347-4081 (online),
PTP Supplement 0375-9687 (print), 1347-4081 (online)
Size: B5
Frequency: monthly (6 issus per volulme, 2 volume per year)
Impact Factor:   2.294 (2011),   2.553 (2010)

The publication of PTP was terminated with Vol. 128 No. 6 in December 2012.
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