Workshop on Modified Gravity
12/5 - 12/20, 2013


There is a long history of attempts to modify General Relativity (GR). In the last decade, in particular, the subject has gained much momentum as a result of the observation that the universe is currently accelerating.

Indeed, such an acceleration could be explained by a weakening of gravity on large scales (relative to GR prediction), or by self-induced acceleration. Such an explanation, however, does not eliminate the cosmological constant problem: in the specific example of massive gravity --- a modification of GR in which the graviton has a mass m --- it rears its head in the requirement that m must be small. However, the way in which this might happen can be more "natural".

In this workshop we plan to discuss different modifications of GR, from galileons to massive bi-gravity, focusing on aspects of their construction, mathematical consistency, and predictions.

Current Schedule


Coffee Break:

We regularly have coffee breaks during the period of this molecule workshop at 10:30 and 15:30 every week day. The coffee break is in K102 except for 5 and 6 December. For these dates it will be in K109.

The room for the coffee break is also kept for the discussion among the workshop participants.

We will prepare some cookies and cakes. But we appreciate it a lot if you would also bring something for the coffee break.

Informal Seminars:

If you have a specific topic on which you would like to discuss with the other participants, we will organize informal seminars at coffee breaks. Please send the title to ``'' together with the dates and time of your convenience.


Misao Sasaki

Core Participants:

- Daniele Steer (APC, University of Paris 7)
- Cedric Deffayet (IAP, Paris)
- Shinji Mukohyama (Kavli IPMU, University of Tokyo)
- Takahiro Tanaka (YITP, Kyoto University)


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