For those who stay at Gimmond Hotel (Hotel's Web Page)

(1) A map around the Hotel and the subway station ``Karasuma-Oike''

A useful interactive Google Map can be found in e.g. the web page.

(2) From the Kansai Airport (in Osaka) to Gimmond Hotel

(i) Use the shuttle service

A Yasaka Kansai Airport Shuttle service is a door to door service picking you up at the airport and taking you to the hotel. It costs 3,500 yen for one-way.

If you are interested in the service, you can book through the following URL.

(ii) Use Trains

From the Kansai Airport, take the special express train HARUKA to Kyoto station (75 min. ride). Next, at Kyoto station, take the subway Karasuma-line to the Karasuma-Oike station (6min.ride). Then you can walk to the Gimmond Hotel within a few minutes from the subway exit No.3-1. (Please see the map below)

(3) From Gimmond Hotel to Conference Place (Yukawa Memorial Hall)

Take a subway (Karasuma Line) from Karasuma-Oike station to Imadegawa station, and take a city bus No. 203 from the bus stop Karasuma-Imadegawa to the bus stop Kitashirakawa. Then the entrance of Kyoto University North campus is very close and if you go straight into the entrance gate, you will reach the Yukawa Memorial Hall in a few minutes.

(You can also take the bus No.201 from Karasuma-Imadegawa to the bus stop Hyakumanben. Then the Yukawa Memorial Hall can be reached by a ten min. walk. )

Please refer to the map below.