Relativistic EOS table including hyperons and pions

Tables of Hyperonic Matter Equation of State for Core-Collapse Supernovae
As you know, baryons having strangness (heyrons) exist in dense matter like high density supernova explosion environment, neutrons stars, or early stage of blackhole. Today, we can obtain the basic information on hyperon-nucleon (YN) interaction at around normal nuclear density through pion induced heavy ion collision at KEK etc. Then we know Lambda-N, Xi-N interaction at the normal density from such a recent progress in strengeness nuclear physcs. However, unfortunately, Sigma-N interaction has a large ambiguity even at present. This difference of Sigma-N interaction results in different components of dense matter and the stiffness of EOS. Therefore, we provide various EOS tables within this Sigma-N ambiguity as follows in this site. We wish this EOS tables will be helpful to your study.

We adopt these YN interaction: Lamda-N = -30MeV, Xi-N = -15MeV, Siga-N=(-30 to +90)MeV. The most recomended Sigma-N interaction is +30 MeV at normal density. These EOS tables contain the same information as Shen EOS table, physical quantities such as pressure, energy, or somethig like that, follow the Shen EOS notation and units. Therefore if you have already used Shen EOS table, you can apply these EOS tables to your calculations. The following compressed directories are made of two files --- "####.tbl" and "####.urt".
"####.tbl" means EOS table in Shen EOS table style, while you can see particle ratios at each (Ye, rhoB, T) in "####.urt". Here, the (Ye, rhoB, T) conditions are decided by Shen EOS tables. The former four files consist of only nucleons and hyperons, thermal pion contributions are added to the latter four files.
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You can see the detail of our EOS in Jornal of Physics G:
Simulation of black-hole formation with this EOS was performed by Sumiyoshi et al.
(NICX proceedings and ApJL 690 L43-L46, 2009)
If you have any questions and comments, please give Email to Chikako Ishizuka or Akira Ohnishi (gmail).