1. New broad 0+ state in 12C
  2. Tensor Correlation in 4He adn its Effect on the Doubles Splitting in 5He
  3. Level Density in the Complex Scaling Method
  4. Antisymmetrized Molecular Dynamics with Coherent State Pion and Its Application to Excited Spectrum of 12C
  5. Hadron-string cascade versus hydrodynamics in Cu+Cu collisions at √sNN=200 GeV
  6. Mean-field effects on collective flows in high-energy heavy-ion collisions at 2-158 A GeV energies
  7. Level Density in Complex Scaling method
  8. Analysis of three-alpha resonances in 12C by using CSM and ACCC
  9. Broad three-alpha resonance state of 12C
  10. Mean-Field Effects on Collective Flows in High-Energy Heavy-Ion Collisions from AGS to SPS
  11. Collective Flows in Heavy-Ion Collisions from AGS to SPS energies
  12. Continuum level density in Complex Scaling method
  13. The structure of a new 0+ 3 resonant state in 12C