--- Publication data converter to html, tex, and bibtex ---

PubConv-1.02.tar.gz (version 1.02, 2007/03/07)

pubconv [-options] <name>

PUBCONV is a program which converts text file of publication list to HTML, TeX, and Bibtex. As you know, in universities, we have to write a lot of documents with publication list in this year/these five years/all publications... and of yourself/your group/your students, ... and so on. Namely, in different formats and in different categories. In addition, when we write the Grant-in-Aid proposals, it becomes necessary to collect all the references of co-proposers in these five years. Thus, we decided to use the PUBCONV program to generate files in several formats (HTML, TeX, Bibtex, ..) from one text file. After that, what we have to maintain is only the ASCII file of our group.

Sample Session

% gzip -dc PubConv-version.tar.gz | tar -xvf -
% cd PubConv-version
% vi example.dat
% make pubconv
% pubconv -h example
Command Line=pubconv -h example
Input  File=example.dat
Output File=example.html
Total Number of Output Files=13

After this, you will get a HTML file(example.html) from a text file.

It also generate tex, bibtex, and csv files.

command input output
pubconv [-l] example example.dat example.tex dat --> tex (-l, default) (style file)
pubconv -h example example.dat example.html dat --> html (-h)
pubconv -b example example.dat example.bib dat --> bib (-b)
pubconv -cg example example.dat example.csv dat --> csv (-c)
pubconv -H -o HUDB.csv example example.dat HUDB.csv dat --> Hokkaido U. database type csv (-H)
pubconv -d -i example.csv -o example1.dat example1 example.csv example1.dat csv --> dat (-i specifies input file)
pubconv -hatAy -o talk.html example example.dat talk.html dat --> html, with some decoration

For more instruction, please see the README file. Although this README file is for the group members of our group, in order to update the publication database, it may help you, too (I hope).

1.02 update(2007/03/07): -c (csv output) and -H (Hokkaido U. database type csv output, only for journal papers) options are supported.

In Hokkaido U., the database was moved to a new system, but the old data are not transferred in a good shape. One of the easiest ways would be to register with a csv file, in a given format. (An Excel file is given by the University for Windows users.) The present pubconv program generate a csv file in this format with the option -H.


Akira Ohnishi <ohnishi_at_nucl.sci.hokudai.ac.jp>