Coronavirus spread

(last update on Aug. 23, 2020; updated on Aug. 15, 2020; first note written on Jul. 15, 2020)


  1. ONF2020: Universality in COVID-19 spread in view of the Gompertz function, Akira Ohnishi, Yusuke Namekawa, Tokuro Fukui, medRxiv (2020) (posted on June 22, 2020; local pdf)
    (Japan, USA, Russia, Brazil, China, Italy, Indonesia, Spain,South Korea, UK, and Sweden; June 18, 2020).
  2. Homepage of Michael Levitt lab, where the links to the online lectures are given. (Youtube Lecture 1, Youtube Lecture 2)
    Predicting the Trajectory of Any COVID19 Epidemic From the Best Straight Line, Michael Levitt, Andrea Scaiewicz, Francesco Zonta, medRxiv (2020) (Many countries; June 30, 2020)
  3. Ref. [2-20] of Paper 1. ONF2020.
  4. Novel indicator of change in COVID-19 spread status, Takashi Nakano, Yoichi Ikeda, medRxiv (2020)(posted on May 05, 2020).
  5. Coronavirus Source Data from
  6. Sweden expands coronavirus testing to include people with mild symptoms
  7. COVID-19 pandemic in Sweden (Wikipedia)
  8. A genome epidemiological study of SARS-CoV-2 introduction into Japan, Tsuyoshi Sekizuka et al., medRxiv (2020);
  9. Prof. Akiyama's homepage on covid-19

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