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Current Works by Akira Ohnishi and His Collaborators

This page is created by Dr. Isse, and has been maintained by the members in Hokkaido University. AO thanks these collaborators.

We are studying nuclei in the universe, where nuclear matter is heated, compressed or expanded ! Under these conditions, we may have various degrees of freedom such as fragment-nucleon mixture, strangeness, hadron resonances/strings, and QGP.

Strangeness Nuclear Physics and Supernova Matter EOS

H. Matsumiya, K. Tsubakihara, H. Maekawa, C. Ishizuka, A. Ohnishi,
Kousuke Sumiyoshi (Numazu College of Technology),
Shoichi Yamada (Waseda Univ.),
Hideyuki Suzuki (Tokyo Univ. of Science)

High Energy Heavy-Ion Collisions

R. Mizukawa, M. Isse, A. Ohnishi, N. Otuka,
Pradip Kumar Sahu (Inst. of Phys., Bhubaneswar, India),
S.C.Phatak (Inst. of Phys., Bhubaneswar, India),
Yasushi Nara(Frankfurt Univ.),
Tetsufumi Hirano (Univ. of Tokyo)

Strong Coupling Limit Lattice QCD

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