Basic schedule and venue

  • 18-29 May 2015, at Research Building of YITP.
  • Reception desk is in Room K202.
  • Seminars will be held in Room K202.
  • Coffee and discussion room is Room K102.

The entire schedule is available here.


Forty years after the discovery of Hawking radiation, its exact nature remains elusive. If Hawking radiation does not carry any information out from the ever shrinking black hole, it seems that unitarity is violated once the black hole completely evaporates. On the other hand, attempts to recover information via quantum entanglement lead to the firewall controversy. Amid the confusions, the possibility that black hole evaporation stops with a “remnant” has remained unpopular and is often dismissed due to some “undesired properties” of such an object. Nevertheless, as in any scientific debate, the pros and cons of any proposal must be carefully scrutinized. In this workshop, we propose to scrutinize a subset of the possible solutions: firewall, black hole remnants, bag-of-gold geometry, bubble/baby universe, and large internal volume, with the aim of publishing a paper coauthored by all workshop participants.

Local organising comittee

  • Pisin Chen (LeCosPA, Taiwan)
  • Takashi Hiramatsu (YITP)
  • Misao Sasaki (YITP)

contact : bhparadox<at>