Next-generation cosmology with large-scale structure:
CosKASI-ICG-NAOC-YITP joint workshop

Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University
September 4 - 15, 2017

About this international molecule-type workshop:

This is the 3rd joint workshop among CoSKASI, ICG, NAOC, and YITP.

Aim of this workshop is to continuously develop and/or initiate collaborations among these institutes, and to create a new synergy between theoretical and observational aspects of next-generation cosmology.

For this purpose, in addition to the core members of the workshop, we plan to invite a couple of key persons with expertise in the subjects mentioned above, and to organize a focused workshop during first week, sharing and discussing new ideas and approaches. Then, in second week, the current state of the art of the research will be discussed and studied, and we will organize one or two informal seminars a day.

Topics of this international molecule-type workshop:

The recent progress in understanding the universe, and the massive astronomical data sets from planned surveys, provide unique opportunities to test fundamental laws of physics on cosmic scales.

These leads us to new frontiers exploring the origin and fate of the Universe, the detection of invisible dark matter, and the nature of dark energy or gravity beyond Einstein. The next generation of deep wide-field surveys provide a fertile ground for expanding our knowledge and addressing cosmological questions.

The participating institutes are engaged in several of these major cosmological endeavors, such as the premier spectroscopy wide field survey of the Dark Energy Spectroscopy Instrument, the premier imaging wide field survey of Large Synoptic Survey Telescope, and the Subaru wide deep field surveys. Their astronomical data will not only lead to a deeper understanding of our Universe, but deliver new, unexpected discoveries that expand our science framework.

Through this collaboration meeting, we will discuss critical questions about the Universe beyond present knowledge:

1) Initial Seeds - beyond the simplest model of early universe inflation
2) Dark Matter - beyond the invisibility of dark matter
3) Dark Energy - beyond Einstein's gravity and vanishing vacuum energy

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