YITP long term workshop 2016

Quantum Information in String Theory and Many-body Systems
May 23-June 24, 2016 
Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics (YITP), Kyoto University



   Quantum information theoretic ideas, such as quantum entanglement, have recently played very important roles in various subjects of theoretical physics. In condensed matter physics, the entanglement entropy and spectrum have been successfully employed as quantum order parameters of many-body systems with complicated ground states such as those in topological phases. In particle physics, basic properties of the entanglement entropy have revealed fundamental aspects of quantum field theories such as the C- and F-theorem. In the subject of string theory and general relativity, it has turned out that the entanglement entropy can be interpreted geometrically in the light of holographic principle. Moreover, it has been suggested that the mechanics of AdS/CFT correspondence can be understood as that of entanglement renormalization, a special example of tensor networks. These imply that spacetimes in gravity can emerge from bits of quantum entanglement. In addition, recent progresses on the black hole information problem tell us that quantum information theory will provide crucial ideas to understand quantum gravity.
   To explore these various interesting directions, we would like to enhance entangled discussions among researchers in quantum information theory, condensed matter physics and string theory during this long term workshop. During the total five weeks of this workshop, we will organize a 4-day conference during
May 31th-June 3rd on ``holography and quantum information'
', and one week conference: Yukawa International Seminar 2016 (YKIS 2016) ``Quantum Matter, Spacetime and Information'', during June 13-17. Except these two conferences, we will keep a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of time for discussions.