First circular

The international workshop on Hadron in Nucleus 2020 (HIN20) will be held at Panasonic hall in Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University, Japan on March 8th to 10th, 2021, as a a satellite workshop of the APFB2020 in Kanazawa. Zoom connections will also be prepared.

We are ready to provide domestic travel support mainly for young researchers. For those who may wish for the support, please make a contact with the organizers before Dec. 18th.

Scope of the Workshop

The workshop focuses on recent experimental and theoretical developments for investigating hadrons in a nucleus and their in-medium properties to understand the non-perturbative domain of the fundamental theory of the strong interaction, Quantum Chromodynamics. The topics covered by the workshop are as follows.

  1. mesic atoms
  1. spectroscopy of hadrons in mesic nuclei and the nuclear medium
  1. exotic hadrons

  2. fundamental hadron-hadron interactions

  3. lattice QCD

  4. few-hadron systems including hypernuclear systems

  5. related topics

Important dates

Travel support: Dec. 18, 2020
Abstract submission: Jan. 31, 2021 (extended)
Registration: Feb. 15, 2021

Web page

Contact address



Hiroyuki Fujioka (Tokyo Tech.)
Toshiyuki Gogami (Kyoto Univ.)
Satoru Hirenzaki (Nara Women’s Univ.) (Co-chair)
Emiko Hiyama (Kyushu Univ./RIKEN)
Tetsuo Hyodo (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.)
Yoichi Ikeda (RCNP, Osaka Univ.)
Takatsugu Ishikawa (ELPH, Tohoku Univ.)
Kenta Itahashi (RIKEN) (Chair)
Daisuke Jido (Tokyo Tech.)
Tomofumi Nagae (Kyoto Univ.)
Hideko Nagahiro (Nara Women’s Univ.)
Hiroyuki Noumi (RCNP, Osaka Univ./IPNS, KEK)
Akira Ohnishi (YITP, Kyoto Univ,)
Shigehiro Yasui (Keio Univ.)