Time table

1st day

10:30-12:40 Session 1 (2h10m): Kawai

Nakamura Takashi: "Opening Talk" (20min)
Tanaka Takahiro: "A05 Summary of Theory Group Achievement" (30min)
Sekiguchi Yuichiro: "Dynamical mass ejection from BH-NS mergers" (20min)
Kiuchi Kenta: "The fate of strongly magnetized remnant massive neutron stars formed in low mass binary neutron star mergers" (20min)
Saijo Motoyuki: "Normal mode analysis of low T/W dynamical instabilities in differentially rotating stars" (20min)
Kisaka Shota: "Detectability of extended, plateau, and scattered emissions of short GRBs" (20min)

14:00-15:40 Session 2 (1h40m): Yoshida

Kawai Nobuyuki: "A01 (X-ray and gamma-ray study of GW sources)"
+ Isobe Naoki: "Development of the Soft X-ray Large solid angle Camera onboard WF-MAXI" (PPTX) (30min in total)
Terada Yukikatsu: "Future high-sensitive gamma-ray observations of nucleosynthesis nuclei in neutron star mergers" (20min)
Yonetoku Daisuke: "Development of X-ray Transient Localization Experiments (T-LEX) and Future Micro-Satellite mission Kanazawa-SAT^3" (20min)
Yamada Shinya: "A future X-ray mission to survey missing baryons" (20min)

Short poster introduction (10min)

15:40-16:40 Break + poster session

16:40-18:30 Session 3 (1h50m): Nakamura

Yoshida Michitoshi: "Summary of the A02 sub-project" (30min)
Tanaka Masaomi: "A KWFC Search for an Optical Counterpart of GW151226" (PDF) (20min)
Motohara Kentaro: "Optical to Near Infrared Follow-up Facilities for GW Events at the University of Tokyo" (PDF) (20min)
Abe Fumio: "Follow-up observations by MOA in LIGO O1 and prospect for O2" (PDF) (20min)
Niinuma Kotaro: " Current progress on radio transient observation with Japanese radio telescopes" (PDF) (20min)

2nd day

9:00-10:00 Session 4 (1h): Vagins

Omukai Kazuyuki: "Binary star formation in the early universe" (PDF) (40min)
Hosokawa Takashi: "Simulating the formation of supermassive stars and their binaries" (PDF) (20min)

10:20-12:10 Session 5 (2h): Mukohyama

Vagins Mark: "Neutrino Subgroup (A03) Accomplishments and Status" (PDF) (30min)
Sakuda Makoto: "The energy spectra of gamma-rays from thermal neutron capture of 157Gd" (PPTX) (20min)
Kotake Kei: "Gravitational wave signatures from core-collapse supernovae: a status report" (PDF) (40min)
Suwa Yudai: "Supernovae generating binary neutron stars" (PDF) (20min)

Short poster introduction (10min)

13:40-15:00 Session 6 (1h20m): Seto

Mukohyama Shinji: "Massive gravity and cosmology" (PDF) (40min)
Asada Hideki: "Toward self-consistent calculations of CS gravity in the solar system test" (PDF) (20min)
Somiya Kentaro: "Detection of blackhole ringdown signals using quasi normal mode harmonics" (PPTX) (20min)

15:00-16:00 Break + poster session

16:00-17:40 Young researchers session

Shintaro Ito (A03): "SK-Gd Project: Measuring Radioactive Contamination in Gd2(SO4)3 Using ICP-MS" (20min)
Yoichi Yatsu: "A micro-satellite for ultraviolet transient explore" (20min)
Tatsuya Narikawa (A04): "Strategy for optical follow-up observations of gravitational wave events with small class telescopes" (20min)
ؐ^ (A02): "Data flow of the extremely wide-field CMOS camera Tomo-e Gozen" (20min)
Hirotaka Yuzurihara (A04): "Search for compact binary coalescence in iKAGRA data" (PDF) (20min)

18:00-20:00 Conference dinner

3rd day

9:00-10:00 Session 7 (1h): Kanda

Eugeny Babichev: "Black holes and stars in beyond Horndeski theory" (PDF) (40min)
Suyama Teruaki: "Primordial black hole scenario for the gravitational-wave event GW150914" (PDF) (20min)

10:20-12:10 Session 8 (1h50m): Ioka

Kanda Nobuyuki: "Report of A04" (PDF) (15min)
Oohara Ken-ichi: "Application of the Hilbert-Huang transform to data analysis of gravitational waves" (PDF) (15min)
jia dongbao: "Time frequency visualization of surrounding the line noise band for gravitational wave observation system by the analysis of Non-Harmonic Analysis" (PPTX) (20min)
Mano Shuhei: "Diagnosis of gravitational wave interferometer with Dirichlet process mixture model by iKAGRA data" (PDF) (20min)
Uchikata Nami: "Ringdown analysis of binary black hole merger using matched filtering" (PDF) (20min)
Tagoshi Hideyuki: "Physics and Astrophysics with gravitational waves from Binary Neutron star Coalescences, Black Hole Neutron star Coalescences, Pulsars and Magnetars" (PDF) (20min)

X00 group meeting

13:40-15:00 Session 9 (1h20m): Tanaka

Yamada Kei: "A near-horison expansion of second-order black hole perturbations" (20min)
Ioka Kunihito: "GW150914-like Black Holes as Galactic High-Energy Sources" (PDF) (20min)
Kojima Yasufumi: "Building up energy before magnetar bursts" (PDF) (20min)

Poster presentations:

Atsushi Naruko: "Extended vector-tensor theories"
Mamoru Doi: "Upgrades of Dichoric-Mirror Camera (DMC) for optical identification of GW sources"
Koji Kawabata: "Optical Polarimetric Survey Project, SGMAP, and GW"
Hiroyuki Nakano: "Post-Newtonian Quasicircular Initial Orbits for Numerical Relativity"
Koji Ishidoshiro: "pre-supernova neutrino and supernova alarm before collapse"
Yuichiro Asakura: "EM follow-up observation with MOA telescope"
Shintaro Ito: "Search for Supernova Relic Neutrino in the SK-Gd Project"
Yoichi Tamura: "Time-domain science with 45m/ASTE: New instrumentation for target-of-opportunity observations of sub/millimeter flares from gamma-ray bursts"
Yuki SAKAKIHARA: "Cosmic evolution with bigravity"
Satoshi Sugita: "Development of the Hard X-ray Monitor onboard WF-MAXI"