Infinite Analysis 09
~ New Trends in Quantum Integrable Systems ~
July 27-- 31, 2009
RIMS/Department of Mathematics, Kyoto University

Poster Session


  July 27 (Mon)

          10:00 -- 10:30  registration (Room 109)

      10:40 -- 11:40  B. M. McCoy (C.N.Yang Inst.)
                Comments on Correlations

      13:30 -- 14:30  J. Teschner (DESY Theory)
                The Sine-Gordon model revisited

      14:40 -- 15:40  T. Deguchi (Ochanomizu)
                Correlation functions of the integrable spin-s XXZ spin chain via fusion method,
                and the form factors of exactly solvable models with the sl(2) loop algebra symmetry

      16:10 -- 17:10  J. Suzuki (Shizuoka)
                Quantum spin chains at finite temperatures

  July 28 (Tue)

       9:30 -- 10:30  V. Bazhanov (Australian National Univ.)
                Fundamental mathematical structures in statistical and quantum systems

      10:40 -- 11:40  F. Smirnov (CNRS, LPTHE)
                Conformal Field Theory limit of fermionic structure for integrable models

      13:30 -- 14:30  K. Takasaki (Kyoto)
KP and Toda tau functions in Bethe ansatz: a review

      14:40 -- 15:40  A. Kuniba (Tokyo)
                Spectrum in multi-species asymmetric simple exclusion process on a ring

      16:10 -- 17:10  T. Nakanishi (Nagoya)
                Periodicity of T-systems

  July 29 (Wed)

       9:30 -- 10:30  B. Feigin (Landau Inst., Indep. Univ. of Moscow)
                Representations of toroidal algebras

      10:40 -- 11:40  T. Miwa (Kyoto)
                Fermionic and bosonic formulas

        11:40 -- 12:00  photo

        13:30 -- 15:30  poster session (Room 108)

        16:00 -- 17:00  concert (at Kyodai Kaikan)

        18:00 -- 20:00  banquet (at Shiran Kaikan)

  July 30 (Thu)

       9:30 -- 10:30  A. Tsuchiya (IPMU)
                The triplet vertex operator algebra W(p)
                and the restricted quantum group \bar{U}_q(sl_2) at q=exp(Ļi /p)

      10:40 -- 11:40  E. Mukhin (Indianapolis)
                Bethe algebras of the Gaudin model

      13:30 -- 14:30  A. Nakayashiki (Kyusyu)
                On the multivariate sigma function

      14:40 -- 15:40  J. Shiraishi (Tokyo)
                Hirota-Miwa equations and Macdonald operators

      16:10 -- 17:10  M. Kasatani (Tokyo)
                Boundary quantum Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov equation

  July 31 (Fri)

       9:30 -- 10:30  I. Cherednik (UNC Chapel Hill)
                Affine Satake operator via DAHA

      10:40 -- 11:40  P. Zinn-Justin (CNRS, LPTHE)
                O(1) loop model and combinatorics

      13:30 -- 14:30  O. Lisovyy (Tours)
                Algebraic solutions of the sixth Painleve equation

      14:40 -- 15:40  R. Inoue (Suzuka Univ. of Medical Sci.)
               Tropical geometry and ultradiscrete integrable systems

      16:10 -- 17:10  Y. Takeyama (Tsukuba)
               Differential equations compatible with boundary rational qKZ equations

Poster Session

July 29 (Wed) 13:30 -- 15:30, Room 108

Mitsuhiro Arikawa (University of Tsukuba)
Spectral function of one dimensional spinless fermion system

    Chikashi Arita (Kyushu University)
        Remarks on the Multi-Species Exclusion Process

    Frank Goehmann (Bergische Universitat Wuppertal)
        On the temperature correlation functions of the integrable spin 1 chain

    Adrian Hemery (Loughborough University)
        Whittaker-Hill equation and semifinite-gap Schreodinger operators

    Mana Igarashi (Sophia University)
        Geometric Crystals on Flag Varieties and Unipotent Radicals

    Eriko Kaminishi, Tetsuo Deguchi and Rina Kanamoto (Ochanomizu University)
        The Bethe ansatz solution of low-lying excitation spectrum of rotating cold atoms
        trapped in a narrow torus potential

    Ryosuke Kodera (University of Tokyo)
        Extensions between finite-dimensional simple modules over loop algebras

    Kozo Koizumi (Kyoto Sangyo University)
        On hidden symmetry in a boundary integrable model related to twisted U_q(sl^(2)) case

    Giacomo Marmorini (Keio University)
        Off-diagonal correlations of confined anyons in one dimension

    Chihiro Matsui and Seiji Miyashita (University of Tokyo)
        Control of Hamiltonians of Quantum Integrable Systems by Classical Integrable Systems

    Takuya Matsumoto (Nagoya University)
        Serre Relation and Higher Grade Generators of the AdS/CFT Yangian Symmetry

    Hajime Nagoya (Keio Univerisity)
        Realization of confluent KZ equations for sl_2 from the Wakimoto module

    Akinori Nishino (University of Tokyo)
        Analysis of the non-equilibrium current in an open quantum dot system
        through exact many-body scattering eigenstates

    Domenico Orlando (IPMU)
        Quantum Crystals and Spin Chains

    Yas-Hiro Quano (Suzuka University of Medical Science)
        Vertex operator approach for spontaneous polarization of Belavin's Z/nZ-symmetric model

    Atsumu Sasaki (Waseda University)
        Visible actions on multiplicity-free spaces

    Fabian Spill (Imperial College London)
        String Theory, Gauge Theory and Integrability

    Zengo Tsuboi (Okayama Institute for Quantum Physics)
        Solutions of the T-system and Baxter equations for supersymmetric spin chains

    Tadayoshi Tsuchida (Osaka University)
        On quasiinvariants of S_n of hook shape

    Shunsuke Tsuchioka (RIMS)
        On representation theory of Hecke-Clifford superalgebras

    Hidekazu Watanabe (University of Tokyo)
        The higher order of Macdonald Operators

    Takako Watanabe and
Tetsuo Deguchi (Ochanomizu University)
        Construction of reducible finite-dimensional highest weight representations of the sl_2 loop algebra