Mar 4 (Tue)  Mar 5 (Wed) Mar 6 (Thu)Mar 7 (Fri) 
10:00--11:00  LeeTakebe  Tanisaki
 11:15--12:15   Kitayama Zabrodin (1) Jimbo
13:30--14:30 Hernandez (1) Hernandez (2) * Zabrodin (2)
14:45--15:45 Nishimura Suzuki * Shiraishi
16:00--17:00 Motegi Nagoya * 

*: Free Discussion

March 4 (Tue)

13:30--14:30 D. Hernandez 
Prefundamental representations and category O

14:45--15:45 T. Nishimura
A new integral representation for the scalar products of the Bethe states for the XXX spin chain

16:00--17:00 K. Motegi
Quantum integrable models and Grothendieck polynomials

March 5 (Wed)

10:00--11:00 C-h. Lee
When Kirillov-Reshetikhin modules meet the fusion ring

11:15--12:15 T. Kitayama
Cluster algebras and torsion functions on moduli spaces

13:30--14:30 D. Hernandez 
Baxter's relations and spectra of quantum integrable models

14:45--15:45 J. Suzuki
Applied ODE/IM (tentative)

16:00--17:00 H. Nagoya
On the tau function of the sixth Painleve equation from Virasoro conformal field theory

March 6 (Thu)

10:00--11:00 T. Takebe
Dispersionless BKP hierarchy and quadrant Loewner equation

11:15--12:15 A. Zabrodin
Classical tau-function for quantum integrable models (1)

March 7 (Fri)

10:00--11:00 T. Tanisaki
Modules over quantized function algebras and PBW-bases

11:15--12:15 M. Jimbo
Toward a "good'' basis of local operators

13:30--14:30 A. Zabrodin
Classical tau-function for quantum integrable models (2)

14:45--15:45 J. Shiraishi