About the Prize

    After the death of Professor Toshiei Kimura in December 2005, Mrs. Hiroko Kimura generously donated part of his heritage to the Yukawa Memorial Foundation for the promotion of theoretical physics, in particular of gravitational physics and field theory, to which the late Professor Kimura made many pioneering contributions. The Yukawa-Kimura prize was established in 2007 on this donation. The Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University, is entrusted with selection of the awardees. The prize is given annually to a scientist who has made not only significant contribution to theoretical studies in gravity/spacetime theories, field theory, or other subjects related to these areas, but also who is expected to play a leading role in these fields in the future. The prize winner receives a certificate, medal and 600,000JPY in cash.

    A selection committee is formed under the excutive committee of the Yukawa Institute, which consists of representatives of the community of theoretical physicists in Japan.