BH-NS Kilonova Lightcurve Calculator Ver. 1.1

This kilonova/macronova light curve calculator is based on the paper Kawaguchi et al. 2016. The error budgets and the limitage of the model are discussed on the paper.
Please feel free for asking me (; please replace "_at_". ) for any questions or comments about this calculator and its formulations.

Input Parameters

Kilonova Parameters

Ejecta mass Mej[Msun] :
Averaged ejecta velocity vave[c] :
Minimum ejecta velocity vmin[c] :
Latitudinal openning angle θej[rad.] :
Longitudinal openning angle ϕej[rad.] :
Opacity κ[cm2/g] :
Heating rate coefficient ϵ̇0[erg/g/s] :
Heating rate power α :
Thermalization efficiency ϵth :
Duration [days] :

BH-NS Ejecta Fitting Formulas

Mass ratio Q [3-9] :
Spin parameter χ [0-0.9] :
Spin orientation itilt[deg.] :
NS mass MNS[Msun] :
NS bayron mass MNS,*[Msun] :
NS Compactness C :
Mej= 0.0122 Msun
vave= 0.267 c