Research activities of our group

(04/04/2017 last update: under construction)

Research fields: Theoretical Astrophysics, General Relativistic Astrophysics

Numerical relativity, Gravitational waves, Black hole formation, Neutron-star merger, Magnetohydrodynamics, Radiation hydrodynamics, High-energy phenomena associated with black holes and neutron stars like gamma-ray bursts.

Numerical relativity

Predicting gravitational waveforms

Merger of binary neutron stars

NS + NS --> BH
NS + NS --> HMNS

Merger of black hole-neutron star binaries

Gravitational collapse to a black hole

Instability of rotating neutron stars

Magnetohydrodynamics simulation in GR

Collapse of Hyper Massive NS: Magnetic field line and Density

Viscous hydrodynamics

Higher-dimensional black holes

Binary neutron stars in scalar-tenros theory