Yukawa Institute Workshop Strings and Fields 2018
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Please use English below, as many of the entries below will be put on the program webpage etc. and they need to be understandable to non-Japanese-speaking participants.
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Please do not apply if you have your own grant e.g. KAKENHI.
Also, it's likely that we ask you do some work (e.g. bring microphones during the discussion session) if you get some support from us.
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hep-xx/yymmnnn or arXiv:yymm.nnnn(n)(n), if available.

The info here will be published on our homepage, so don't write anything you still want to keep secret. You can use TeX too: enclose equations with $ ... $ and use \ inside. Ex: $\alpha$. Greater than > should be \gt and less than < should be \lt .

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