YITP Workshop
Strings and Fields 2018

July 30 (Mon) - August 3 (Fri), 2018

Panasonic Auditorium and Rooms Y206 & Y306, Yukawa Memorial Building,
Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan


July 30 (Mon)

Afternoon Session 1 (13:30-14:40)
Sotaro Sugishita Osaka University Memory effects and the related infrared physics *
Afternoon Session 2 (15:00-16:15)
Hayato Hirai Osaka University Asymptotic Symmetry and Subleading Charges in QED
Max Riegler Université libre de Bruxelles Warped Black Holes in Lower-Spin Gravity
Yuki Yokokura RIKEN Energy-momentum tensor inside evaporating black holes
Afternoon Session 3 (16:30-17:45)
Katsumi Itoh Niigata University Functional flows in QED and the modified Ward-Takahashi identity
Yu Hamada Kyoto University Gauge invariant regularization for perturbative chiral gauge theory
Takaki Matsumoto University of Tsukuba Diffeomorphism for fuzzy sphere

July 31 (Tue)

Morning Session 1 (9:00-10:10)
Akinori Tanaka RIKEN Machine learning techniques to probe theoretical physics *
Morning Session 2 (10:30-11:20)
Koji Hashimoto Osaka University Deep Learning and holographic QCD
Masamichi Miyaji Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics Time Shifts via Double Trace Deformations
Morning Session 3 (11:35-12:50)
Tomoki Nosaka Korea Institute for Advanced Study The Thouless time for mass-deformed SYK
Chen-Te Ma National Taiwan University Two Dimensional Dilaton Gravity Theory and Lattice Schwarzian Theory
Takeshi Morita Shizuoka University Thermal emission from semi-classical chaotic systems
Afternoon Session 1 (14:30-15:45)
Koji Umemoto Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics Holographic Entanglement of Purification and its Multipartite generalization
Kotaro Tamaoka Osaka University Towards Entanglement of Purification for Conformal Field Theories
Matsuo Sato Hirosaki University String Geometry and Non-perturbative Formulation of Superstring Theory
Afternoon Session 2 (16:00-17:15)
Hiroaki Matsunaga Institute of Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences BV master action for superstring field theory in the large Hilbert space
Yuho Sakatani Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine Weaving the Exotic Web
Tetsuji Kimura Nihon University Double dualization of twisted chiral and another GLSM for five-branes of codimension two

August 1 (Wed)

Morning Session 1 (9:00-10:10)
Konstantin Zarembo Nordita Quantum String Corrections to Holographic Wilson Loops *
Morning Session 2 (10:30-11:45)
Takahiro Uetoko Ritsumeikan University Conformal blocks from Wilson lines with loop corrections
Yuya Kusuki Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics New Properties of Large-c Conformal Blocks from Recursion Relation
Yoshiki Sato University of Tokyo Conformal manifolds with boundaries or defects
Morning Session 3 (12:00-12:50)
Junichi Sakamoto Kyoto University Local $\beta$-deformations and Yang-Baxter sigma model
Hajime Otsuka Waseda University Hypercharge flux in SO(32) heterotic string theory
Afternoon Session 1 (14:30-15:20)
Nobuyoshi Ohta Kindai University Asymptotic safety and field parametrization dependence in the $f(R)$ truncation
Kenji Hotta Hokkaido University Creation of D9-brane--anti-D9-brane Pairs in Rindler Spacetime
Poster Session 1 (15:35-18:00)
Yi-Hsien Du National Cheng Kung University & Imperial College London Butterfly Effect and Holographic Mutual Informationunder External Field and Spatial Noncommutativity
Tomohiro Furukawa Osaka City University Jacobi-Trudi identity in ABJM matrix model
Debabrata Ghorai S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences Non-linear effect on Holographic Superconductors
Sota Hanazawa Ibaraki University Born-Infeld Equations in Diverse Dimensions from Pure Spinor Superstring
Kohta Hatakeyama Shizuoka University Large-N volume independence on group manifolds
Keita Kanno Kavli IPMU Phenomenology and Arithmetic: F-theory vacua on K3 x K3 orbifolds
Takumi Kato Kitasato University Symmetric calorons of higher charges revisited
Shoichi Kawamoto Chung Yuan Christian University Momentum space entanglement for scalar field theory on the fuzzy sphere
Naoki Kiryu University of Tokyo Correlation Functions on the Half-BPS Wilson Loop: Perturbation and Hexagonalization
Tomomi Kitade Nara Women’s University Closed String Symmetries in Open String Field Theories
Toru Masuda Institute of Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences Revisiting light-like rolling tachyon in open string field theory
Masahiro Nozaki University of Chicago Entanglement Spreading and Oscillation
Toshihiro Ota Osaka University QCD chaos via the D-brane dynamics in higher dimensions
Rodolfo Abraham Sanchez Isidro Institute of Nuclear Sciences, UNAM Double Field Theory and The Double Space
Mohamed Ali Seridi Constantine Mentouri University Paraquantum Strings in Noncommutative Spacetime.
Kenta Shiozawa Kitasato University Worldsheet Instanton Corrections to Five-branes and Waves in Double Field Theory
Hongfei Shu Tokyo Institute of Technology Generalized ODE/IM correspondence and its application to N=2 gauge theories
Masaki Tezuka Kyoto University Quantum Lyapunov spectrum: random-matrix behavior and application to the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model and many-body localization
Gaurav Verma University of Hawaii-Manoa Analysis and application of Superstring S-matrix elements and Ward Identities calculated from a 1PI Theory
Kazushi Yamashiro Shizuoka University Critical behavior of scalar field theory on the fuzzy sphere
Shota Yanai Tokyo University of Science Large variety of geometrical structures of Harbor for the Schwarzschild Black hole in a CP$^{2n+1}$ model

August 2 (Thu)

Morning Session 1 (9:00-10:10)
Kazuya Yonekura Kyushu University Anomalies and topological phases in QFT *
Morning Session 2 (10:30-11:45)
Bhupendra Nath Tiwari University of Information Science and Technology & INFN-Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati Thermodynamic Geometry of Yang-Mills Gauge Theory
Takafumi Okubo Tokyo Institute of Technology Quantum periods for ${\mathcal{N}}=2$ $SU(2)$ SQCD around the superconformal point
Katsuya Yano Osaka City University Discrete Painlevé system and the double scaling limit of the matrix model for irregular conformal block and gauge theory
Morning Session 3 (12:00-12:50)
Justin Kaidi Unversity of California, Los Angeles Mass deformations of 5d SCFTs via holography
Hong Zhang Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences Supersymmetric Yangian, DIM algebra, and Gaiotto states
Afternoon Session 1 (14:30-15:45)
Ariunzul Davgadorj Masaryk University N=2 super Yang-Mills theory in Projective superspace
Yuta Sekiguchi University of Bern Extended Gauge Theory Deformations From Flux Backgrounds
Ryo Yokokura Keio University Ghost-free vector superfield actions in supersymmetric higher-derivative theories
Afternoon Session 2 (16:00-16:50)
Inori Ueba Kobe University Extended quantum mechanical supersymmetry in Dirac action with extra dimensions
Haoyu Sun University of California, Berkeley S-Duality, Quadratic Reciprocity, and Janus Configurations

August 3 (Fri)

Morning Session 1 (9:00-10:10)
Masazumi Honda Weizmann Institute of Science Resurgence, complex saddles and Lefschetz thimbles *
Morning Session 2 (10:30-11:20)
Toshiaki Fujimori Keio University Bion and resurgence in 2d ${\mathbb C}P^N$ sigma model
Keisuke Ohashi Keio University Effective theory of Jackiw-Pi vortex in a harmonic potential
Morning Session 3 (11:35-12:25)
Naotaka Kubo Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics Two-Point Functions in ABJM Matrix Model
Kento Sugiyama Shizuoka University Toward the construction of the general multi-cut solutions in Chern-Simons Matrix Models