Hidden Cosets and Applications to Unclonable Cryptography

Qipeng Liu, Simons Institute, USA

In 2012, Aaronson and Christiano introduced the idea of hidden subspace states to build public-key quantum money [STOC '12]. Since then, this idea has been applied to realize several other cryptographic primitives which enjoy some form of unclonability. In this work, we study a generalization of hidden subspace states to hidden coset states. We explore unclonable properties of coset states, including direct-product hardness and (strong) monogamy-of-entanglement property. We show that many unclonable cryptographic applications exist in the plain model, assuming indistinguishability obfuscation (iO) and one-way functions (OWF). These applications were previously only known to exist relative to classical oracles.

Recording of the talk