Journal Club record of 2003

Last updated: 04/3/31
Date Name Paper
4/22 Asakawa hep-th/0303255,
D-brane - Anti-D-brane Forces in Plane Wave Backgrounds: A Fall From Grace
C.V. Johnson, H.G. Svendsen
5/6 Baseilhac Nucl. Phys. B473 (1996) 509-538,
The Sigma Model (Dual) Rrepresentation for a Two-Parameter Family of Integrable Quantum Field Theories
V.A. Fateev
5/13 Fukaya hep-lat/0001025, Nucl. Phys. B581 (2000) 499,
Global Anomalies in Chiral Gauge Theories on the Lattice
O. Bar, I. Campos,
cf) E. Witten, Phys. Lett. B117 (1982) 324
5/20 Fukuda hep-th/0303221
Correlators in Timelike Bulk Liouville Theory
A. Strominger, T. Takayanagi
5/27 Kajiura hep-th/0305095
D-brane categories
C.I. Lazaroiu
6/3 Hasebe hep-th/0210162
To see a world in a grain of sand
S. Zhang
cf) cond-mat/0110572, Science 294 (2001) 823,
A Four Dimensional Generalization of the Quantum Hall Effect
S. Zhang, J. Hu
6/10 Kugo hep-ph/0305237
Gauge Theories on an Interval: Unitarity without a Higgs
C. Csaki, C. Grojean, H. Murayama, L. Pilo, J. Terning
10/7 Kunitomo hep-th/0212316
A New First Class Algebra, Homological Perturbation and Extension of Pure Spinor Formalism for Superstring
Y. Aisaka, Y. Kazama
10/14 Terasaki Phys. Rev. Lett. vol. 90, 242001 (2003)
Observation of a Narrow Meson State Decaying to D_s^+\pi^0 at a Mass of 2.32 GeV/c^2
BABAR Collaboration, B. Aubert et al.
10/21 Nojiri
Recent Topics on Dark Matter
10/28 Ogushi hep-th/0304250
Braneworld holography in Gauss-Bonnet gravity
J.P.Gregory, A. Padilla
11/4 Onogi hep-lat/0301028
Lattice Supersymmetry and Topological Field Theory
11/11 Sasakura hep-th/0310281
The Black Hole Final State
G.T.Horowitz, J.Maldacena
11/18 Sasaki quant-ph/0308040
Quantum vs Classical Spectrum in Multi-particle Dynamics
I.Loris, R.Sasaki
11/25 Shizuya hep-th/0305144
Topological anomalies from the path-integral measure in superspace
K.Fujikawa, P.Niewenhuizen
12/2 Takimi hep-lat/0206019
Supersymmetry on a Spatial Lattice
D.B.Kaplan, E.Katz, M.Unsal
Supersymmetry on a Euclidean Spacetime Lattice I: A Target Theory with Four Supercharges
A.G.Cohen, D.B.Kaplan, E.Katz, M.Unsal
A Lattice Formulation of Super Yang-Mills Theories with Exact Supersymmetry
1/13 Sugimoto hep-th/0311270
Towards a holographic dual of large N QCD
M.Kruczenski, D.Mateos, R.C.Myers, D.J.Winters
1/20 Takahashi hep-th/0310157
Non-Perturbative Gauge Superpotentials form Supergravity
E.Imeroni, A.Lerda
2/3 Yang hep-th/0208224
Central elements of the elliptic Yang-Baxter algebra at roots of unity
S.Belavin, M.Jimbo
2/17 Gurrieri hep-th/0210209
Duality Twists, Orbifolds, and Fluxes
A. Dabholkar, C. Hull
2/24 Goto hep-ph/0402023
Probing CP violation with the deuteron electric dipole moment
O. Lebedev, K.A. Olive, M. Pospelov and A. Ritz
3/2 Konishi hep-th/0312022
Quantum Foam and Topological Strings
A. Iqbal, N. Nekrasov, A. Okounkov, C. Vafa,
3/25 Ninomiya hep-th/0312302
Boson Sea versus Dirac Sea -- General formulation of boson sea through supersymmetry --
Y. Habara, H.B. Nielsen, M. Ninomiya
Limiting Temperature, Limiting Curvature and the Cyclic Universe
M. Fukuma, H. Kawai, M. Ninomiya

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