YIQPS  international molecule workshop on

Higher Derivative Gravity
        and Higher Dimensional Black Holes

Oct.16(Thu.)-Nov.5(Wed), 2008,

Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto, Japan

As is well known, string theory as a candidate for a unified theory needs higher dimensions for its consistency. Moreover, the low energy effective action of string theory includes higher derivative gravity. Hence, an understanding of higher dimensional black holes in higher derivative gravity is expected to provide an insight into string theory.

The aim of this international molecule workshop is to discuss various aspects of higher dimensional black holes and initiate collaborations among participants. In particular, we focus on black hole solutions in higher than five dimensions. This is because five dimensional black holes are well investigated, while almost nothing is known in the case of higher than five dimensions. Hopefully, a new research direction will be revealed through intensive discussions during this international molecule workshop.

List of Molecule Participants

Christos Charmousis (Orsay)
Akihiro Ishibashi (KEK)
Tetsuya Shiromizu (Kyoto)
Jiro Soda (Kyoto)
Takahiro Tanaka (YITP)

and more ...

Brainstorming on higher dimensional black holes
 Yukawa Memorial Building (YH206),  October 20th (Monday) , 2008.

The atmosphere of the meeting should be very informal. The aim of this meeting is to raise unsolved issues, to discuss what issues are more important, and to find a way to solve them. We asked every speaker (except for younger people) to speak about higher dimensional black holes from their own perspective. We hope that this meeting will provide plenty of opportunities for informal discussions.

The approximate schedule is as follows:

11:00-  Openning Soda
11:05- 11:35 Charmousis
11:40 - 12:00 Tanaka
12:05- 12:25   Ishibashi


2:00-2:15  Murata
2:20-2:35  Tanahashi
2:40-2:55  Konoplya
3:00-3:15  Flachi


3:30-3:50 Nambu
3:55-4:15 Ohta


4:30-5:00  Reall
5:05-5:25  Closing Shiromizu


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