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Progress of Theoretical Physics Supplement No. 136

Black Holes and Gravitational Waves
New Eyes in the 21st Century

Proceedings of the 9th International Seminar

Edited by Takashi Nakamura and Hideo Kodama

Long-baseline interferometers to detect gravitational waves such as TAMA300/GEO600/VIRGO/ LIGO will be in operation by the end of this century or at the beginning of the 21st century. These novel observational means, combined with high-precision observations of X-rays and gamma rays from compact astrophysical objects, are expected to provide us with new eyes for investigating phenomena associated with strong gravitational fields in the coming century.

This volume is the Proceedings of the 9th Yukawa International Seminar on BLACK HOLES AND GRAVITATIONAL WAVES --New Eyes in the 21st Century -- held at the Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics in July 1999.

As a meeting held at this historical epoch, the main purpose was to synthesize the recent achievements in theoretical studies of black holes, gravitational waves and other phenomena associated with strong gravitational fields and to prepare for the coming new age by forecasting future developments. This volume contains comprehensive reviews by experts on recent developments in numerical relativity, post-Newtonian expansion, perturbations of black holes, equilibria of comact stars and binaries, black holes in AGN, gamma ray bursts, primordial black hole, black hole thermodynamics, singularities, critical behavior and black holes in unified theories.

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