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Progress of Theoretical Physics Supplement No. 142

Physics of Unstable Nuclei

Edited by H. Horiuchi, T. Otsuka and Y. Suzuki

The study of unstable nuclei, which is leading to new and fundamental developments in nuclear physics, was initiated by Japanese experimentalists. The theoretical study of unstable nuclei has also progressed significantly in Japan in close relation with the remarkable experimental developments. This theoretical research, which covers a wide range of subjects regarding both structure and reactions, is noteworthy in that it has produced several novel methods that have been successfully applied to actual problems. These new methods include a stochastic variational method, an antisymmetrized molecular dynamics method, and a complex scaling method.

While the theoretical study of unstable nuclei is still progressing, it is meaningful to present the existing results in a unified form at this time, because it is expected that we will have many new results in this research field with the completion of experimental facilities planned at several places around the world.

We hope that this supplemental volume will be useful not only for theoreticians and experimentalists currently working in this field but also for students who aim to participate in such research in the future.

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