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Progress of Theoretical Physics Supplement No. 154

FUSION03: From a Tunneling Nuclear Microscope
to Nuclear Processes in Matter

Proceedings of the International Conference

Edited by Noboru Takigawa, Jirohta Kasagi, Akira Ono and Takashi Nakatsukasa

This volume is the Proceedings of the International Conference FUSION03, which was held from 12 to 15 November, 2003, at Matsushima near Sendai, Japan.

There were two major goals of the conference. The first was to clarify the mechanism of heavy-ion fusion reactions at energies near and below the Coulomb barrier, and conversely extract structural information through the analysis of fusion cross section. The second was to explore nuclear reactions and radioactivity in matter.

The conference covered also nuclear reactions relevant to the synthesis of elements in stars and in the Early Universe, the decay out of a superdeformed band and muon-catalyzed fusion as related subjects.

The conference was attended by many active researchers in all of these fields. This volume provides an overview of the status of research at the end of 2003.

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