Call for International Molecule-type Workshops

December 2020 version

  Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics (YITP), Kyoto University, calls for proposals to organize international molecule-type workshops under the Yukawa International Program for Quark-Hadron Sciences (YIPQS).

  The international molecule-type workshop program is intended for intensive discussions and collaborations among participants for an extended period of time, from two weeks to a few months. Provided that a proposal satisfies the requirements given below, we are happy to accept any new type of proposal. For example, the style of a workshop, including whether it is closed or open to the public, is totally up to the organizers of the workshop. It may be a brain-storming type of workshop on some new topic, or it may be to carry out and complete a collaboration, or else. YITP hopes that through these workshops the participants will feel at home, have valuable discussions, and may be able to contribute to further progress in theoretical physics.

In 2020 and 2021, the coronavirus spread (COVID-19 pandemic) makes it difficult to hold face-to-face (onsite) workshops with international participants. Then we accept the proposals of online and hybrid (combination of face-to-face and online) workshops. There are also several additional changes of regulations. Please check g8. Special rules under coronavirus spreadh, if you propose in this period.


1.      Requirements

·      The length of a workshop must be two weeks or more, where a week means five working days (which may include public holidays that do not fall on the weekends). A workshop should be within one fiscal year and should not be divided into two or more separate weeks.

·      The workshop participants must include two or more core participants. Core participants are discussion leaders and workshop organizers. A faculty member (Academic Staff)* of YITP should be included among the organizers as a core participant or a contact person.


* A member listed in gAcademic Staffh at YITP homepage


·      At least one of the core participants has to have a principal affiliation outside of Japan and stay at YITP for two weeks or more. (This condition is not imposed in 2020 and 2021. See below on item 8.)


2.      Budget

·      Upper limit of the budget for each workshop is 1,000,000 yen.


3.      Deadline
YITP calls for the Molecule-type workshops at any time as long as the budget remains.
Application must be submitted 3 months before the starting date of the workshop at latest.

4.      Application

Submit the following items via E-mail to

 <> (Replace _AT_ with @).

·      International molecule-type workshop proposal application form.

·      In case the length of a workshop exceeds a month, an explanation for a longer workshop must be given in the application form. A research plan (with a rough schedule, with the length of 80 words or more) for each participant who stays more than a month should be included.

·      PDF copy of a related paper (if any).


The application form can be downloaded from the YIPQS homepage
As soon as your application has been received, an acknowledgement is sent to you from the secretary office.

A proposal that does not satisfy the requirements will not be considered, unless negotiation with the committee members is conducted in advance through the corresponding contact person.


5.      Screening and approval
Applications are screened by the YIPQS executive committee and
the YITP program advisory committee. The result will be informed via E-mail.

6.      Workshop preparation
If approved, the organizers should submit a list of participants.

·      a list of participants from abroad who are to be supported, with their arrival and departure dates and other relevant schedules during their stay 6 weeks at latest prior to the workshop.

·      a list of domestic participants who are to be supported, 3 weeks at latest prior to the workshop.


7.      Workshop report
The organizers must submit
a report within a month after the end of the workshop. A workshop report should include a list of participants, activity during the workshop, and the achievements (approximately 2 pages in A4 paper).


8.      Special rules under COVID-19 spread in 2020 and 2021, proposals of online and hybrid workshops can be accepted. We list here the changes of regulations during this period.  

·      The third requirement is weakened: The core participants need to include at least one researcher having a principal affiliation outside of Japan, who is assumed to participate in the workshop for two weeks but does not need to stay in YITP for two weeks or more. In this case, a plan to promote communications among international participants needs to be given in the proposal.

·      Budget: For the online and hybrid workshops, YITP will support the cost to hold online meetings such as the cost for zoom pro or other online meeting tools. It should be noted that YITP cannot support the seminar fee.

·      Change of plan: For the standard (on-site, face-to-face) and hybrid workshop proposals, there is a risk that the participants have to cancel to come to YITP. Then the backup plan for the change of schedule, participants and budget need to be given in the proposal.

·      Report of change: In the case where the plan is changed after approval, the organizers need to report the change of plan to YITP six weeks before the workshop starts or earlier. When the budget size becomes smaller, the rest needs to be returned to YITP.

·      Deadline of proposal: Proposal of a workshop without overseas travel expense procedures needs to be submitted two months before the workshop starts. (Face-to-face and hybrid workshop proposals need to be submitted three months before.)



International Molecule-type Workshop: Application Form


1)  Research Subject

2)  Period: From YYYY/MM/DD through YYYY/MM/DD
Number of participants:

3)  Budget

a) International molecule-type workshop budget (in yen):


  E.g. Albert Einstein Airfare 200,000 yen, Local expenses 10,000 yen x 14 days

Hideki Yukawa Fare 26,000 yen, Local 10,000 yen x 10 days.

b) Rough Estimate of external budget (in yen):

  Number of participants under the external budget:

4)  Organizers

a)     Core participants (please add if necessary)

1.    Research Conductor
Short CV (after graduation):


2.    Name:
Short CV (after graduation):


3.    c..

b)     Contact person at YITP


5)  Research Plan (80 words or more)

6)  Reason for a long period (if the workshop period is more than one month, please describe the reason with 80 words or more.)

7)  Related paper to the workshop (if any)


8)  Countermeasures to COVID-19

a)     Plan to promote communications among international participants

b)     Alternative plan in case of severer situation


Workshop number: YITP-T-XX-XX

International Molecule-type Workshop: Report


Research Subject:

Period: From YYYY/MM/DD through YYYY/MM/DD

List of Participants (Affiliation, Period of stay):

  1. Albert Einstein (ETH, Sep.10-24, 2011)
  2. Hideki Yukawa (YITP, Sep.10-14, 2011)
  3. ...




           Affiliation (University/Institute, department)







Aim, scope and achievements in the workshop

 (In English or Japanese, You can add sheets if necessary.):