Call for International Molecule-type Workshops

Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics (YITP), Kyoto University, calls the proposals of international molecule-type workshops under the Yukawa International Program for Quark-Hadron Scineces (YIPQS). An international molecule-type workshop is a shorter (2-4 weeks) workshop with, a few core participants as well as regular participants. Intensive collaboration is expected.


1. Requirements
-type workshops are a program to promote scientific exchanges and collaborations, and YITP requires the following conditions for each molecule-type workshop.

A. Upper limit of the total budget is 1,000,000 yen.

B. The length of workshop must be two weeks or more.

C. The number of invited participants must be two or more. At least one of the "core" participants have to be invited from abroad and stay at YITP for two weeks or more.

2. Documents to be submitted

         International molecule-type workshop proposal application form.

         In the case when there will be a participant who plans to stay one month or more, please submit a letter stating the reason of a longer stay and a research plan (with a rough schedule) with 80 words or more.

         PDF file of a related paper (if any).

3. Organizers
Organizers should include
, at least, a faculty member of the Yukawa Institute.

4. Applications
Submit the above items (see 2.) via E-mail to yitp_apply {AT}
Replace {AT} with @).
You can download the application form from the YIPQS homepage (*
You will receive the acknowledgement from the secretary office within two weeks. If not, please
send an E-mail to yitp-mol{AT} .

5. Deadline
Specified in the YIPQS homepage.

6. Screening and approval
Applications are screened by the YIPQS executive committee and
the YITP program advisory committee. The result will be informed via E-mail.

7. Workshop report
The organizers must submit
a report within a month after the end of the workshop. A workshop report should include the program, list of the participants, and achievements of the workshop (approximately 2 pages in A4 or US letter paper).