Exotic hadrons from high energy collisions
2016-03-23 — 2016-04-06
DescriptionThe structure of exotic hadrons has drawn much attention by the recent observations of many unconventional states at high energy facilities, such as the XYZ states at B-factories and the pentaquark candidate Pc at LHCb. While these findings open an opportunity to unveil the new form of the strongly interacting matter, i.e., multiquark states and hadronic molecules, a method to clearly pin down the structure of hadrons has been called for. In 2010, we had a related molecule-type workshop at YITP, “Exotics from heavy ion collisions”. During the workshop, we launched the “ExHIC collaboration” among the participants, and showed that the yield of an exotic hadron in heavy ion collisions is typically an order of magnitude suppressed when it is a compact multiquark state and a factor of 2 or more enhanced when it is a loosely bound hadronic molecule. An advantage of the high-energy inclusive experiments is a huge number of produced hadrons, including those with charm and bottom flavors. This is not restricted to the heavy ion collisions, but also to the electron-positron collisions and the hadron-hadron/hadron-nucleus collisions. Moreover, the extraction of the two-hadron correlation in the final state interaction is emerging as a new tool to study the hadron interactions. In this molecule-type workshop, we discuss the structure of exotic hadrons and two-hadron correlations in wider range of high-energy experiments. We invite leading experimentalists in this field and hold an intensive discussion session during March 23-25. We investigate the production mechanisms of exotic hadrons in high energy collisions and establish the method to efficiently determine the hadronic interactions from the two-hadron correlations. The present workshop will deepen the understanding of the exotic hadrons and hadron interactions through the synergy of theory and experiments. Organizers: Su Houng Lee (Yonsei), Tetsuo Hyodo (YITP)
Workshop structureMar. 23 (Wed) - Mar. 25 (Fri): Intensive workshop @ Panasonic Auditorium Mar. 28 (Mon) - Apr. 6 (Wed): Seminars and discussions @ Y206
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Important datesDeadline for abstract submission: Feb. 5, 2016 Deadline for support/VISA request/accommodation: Feb. 5, 2016