Quantum kinetic theories in magnetic and vortical fields
2019-12-09 — 2019-12-20

Recent experimental developments in relativistic heavy-ion collisions and Weyl/Dirac semimetals opened new avenues to investigate quantum transport phenomena induced by quantum anomaly and spin dynamics. In this workshop, participants get together to review recent developments, share the present issues, and discuss future directions of quantum kinetic theories.

Specific topics covered in the workshop include the recent progress in mass corrections, inclusion of collision effects, and derivation of hydrodynamics with quantum anomaly and/or dynamical spin degrees of freedom. Participants also discuss applications of the quantum kinetic theories to the spin polarization measurement in heavy ion collisions, the neutrino transport in the core-collapsed supernovae, and the anomaly-induced transport phenomena in the chiral matter under magnetic and vortical fields created by heavy-ion collisions and Weyl/Dirac semimetals. The workshop will be composed of a couple of seminars and free discussion time on each day to promote potential new collaborations.

Core participant: Igor Shovkovy (Arizona State U.)
Organizers: Koichi Hattori (YITP), Yoshimasa Hidaka (RIKEN), Di-Lun Yang (Keio U.)
Secretary: Tomoko Dodo (YITP)

List of participants, talk slides, group photos

Sep. 15: Deadline for visa applications (PASSED)
Nov. 25: Deadline for participants without any request

*** Please visit Ms. Dodo at K106 upon your arrival for registration. ***
Workshop site:
12/9 - 12/13 Panasonic Hall (YH110) in the Yukawa Hall
12/16 - 12/20 Seminar room (K202) in the Research Building 
* There are two buildings next to each other: the Yukawa Hall (Y) and the Research Building (K).

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