Strangeness and charm in hadrons and dense matter
2017-05-15 — 2017-05-26

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While ordinary nuclei in Nature are composed of up and down quarks, 

there exist four more flavors of quarks in the strong interaction. 
Adding a different flavor into nuclei, such as strangeness and charm, 
has drawn much interest of nuclear physicists in recent years. 
For instance, the Lambda hyperon (baryon with strangeness) and 
the antikaon (meson with strangeness) in nuclei are studied theoretically and experimentally. 
These studies are important not only to elucidate the basic two-body interactions 
but also to understand the properties of dense hadronic matter, 
because strangeness degrees of freedom are thought to emerge naturally 
when the density increases. Intensive discussions are being pursued 
on the effect of hadrons with strangeness on the equation of state of 
the dense hadronic matter, which is closely related to the structure of neutron stars. 
Recent spectroscopic experiments of heavy flavored hadrons have found 
many new unexpected hadronic systems, called XYZ states and pentaquarks, 
indicating the important role played by the heavy (charm and bottom) quark flavors in hadrons. 
At the same time, the rapid development of Lattice QCD enables us 
to address many issues in hadron physics from first principles. 
In this workshop, we would like to discuss the physics of hadrons and 
dense matter from the viewpoints of strangeness and charm flavors.


Sinya Aoki

Takashi Ezoe

Gergely Fejos

Philipp Gubler

Tetsuo Hatsuda

Koichi Hattori

Satoru Hirenzaki

Emiko Hiyama

Wataru Horiuchi

Atsushi Hosaka

Tetsuo Hyodo

Yoichi Ikeda

Masahiko Iwasaki

Yuki Kamiya

Kouji Kashiwa

Daisuke Kawai

Michio Kohno

Teiji Kunihiro

Kenta Miyahara

Takaya Miyamoto

Kenji Morita

Takumi Muto

Chiho Nonaka

Akira Ohnishi

Makoto Oka

Sho Ozaki

Kenji Sasaki

Daisuke Satow

Takayasu Sekihara

Daiki Suenaga

Hiroshi Toki

Hidekazu Tsukiji

Wolfram Weise

Junko Yamagata-Sekihara

Yasuhiro Yamaguchi

Toshimitsu Yamazaki

Di-Lun Yang

Shigehiro Yasui

Nobutoshi Yasutake

Takeru Yokota

Workshop period and venue:

May 15 (Mon) - May 26 (Fri)
K206@YITP main building

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Wolfram Weise (TU München)
Akira Ohnishi (YITP)
Tetsuo Hyodo (YITP)