Simulations of Jet Propagation
created by Yuichiro Sekiguchi and Hiroki Nagakura.
Animations of jet propagation in the ejecta model for NS-NS mergers in the context of short duration gamma-ray bursts.

Jet Propagation in NS-NS Merger Ejecta
Density Contours at the time of shock breakout for two different ejecta mass cases. They are displayed in the meridian section (x-z plane).
Top: Ejecta of 0.01 solar mass which reproduces properties of SGRB130603B.
Bottom: Ejecta of 0.001 solar mass.
(See Nagakura et al, Astrophys. J. Lett. (2014) 784, L28 for detail.)

MPEG animation for Mej=0.01Msolar (about 3.0 MB)

MPEG animation for Mej=0.001Msolar (about 3.3 MB)