James T. Jenkins (Cornell University)

We propose an analytical model for the determination of the microstructure and stresses in a sheared suspension that consists of a dense monolayer of identical spheres in a viscous fluid. We then calculate the anisotropy in the orientational distribution of spheres, associated with a short-range repulsive force assumed to act between the spheres, and a particle pressure and normal stress difference that result from this anisotropy [1]. Finally, we compare the microstructure and stresses to those measured in the Stokesian dynamics simulations of Singh and Nott [2].

[1] J.T. Jenkins and L. La Ragione, J. Fluid Mech. 763, 218 (2015)
[2] A. Singh and P.R. Nott, J Fluid Mech. 412, 279 (2000)