Simon Schnyder (Fukui Institute for Fundamental Chemistry, Kyoto University)

Anomalous Transport in Heterogenous Media

In this talk, I will discuss the dynamics of particles which are confined in a two-dimensional, heterogeneous, quenched matrix of obstacles. I will focus on situations in which the transport of these particles exhibits anomalies such as subdiffusive behavior and will show that the dynamics are fundamentally different depending on whether the particles are hard or soft disks [1, 2]. For hard disks, the system shows a sharp critical transition from a diffusive to a localized state when the matrix density is increased, and critical exponents can be identified. In contrast, we show that soft interactions lead to a breakdown of the universality of these dynamics.

[1] Schnyder, S. K., & Horbach, J. (2018). Crowding of interacting fluid particles in porous media through molecular dynamics: breakdown of universality for soft interactions. Physical Review Letters, 120(7), 78001.
[2] Horbach, J., Siboni, N. H., & Schnyder, S. K. (2017). Anomalous transport in heterogeneous media. The European Physical Journal Special Topics, 226(14), 3113-3128.