Classification in YITP Library

A B C D E F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 G H I J K Z

A Science in General

     A1         Administration and Organization
     A2         Essays
     A3         History
     A4         Collected Papers
     A5 (G-A5)  Popular Sciences

B Mathematics

     B1 (G-B1) Algebra, Group Theory
     B2 (G-B2) Geometry
     B3 (G-B3) Analysis, Theory of Functions and Measure Theory
               Transcendental Functions and Transformations
     B4 (G-B4) Topology, Function Space
     B5 (G-B5) Theory of Probability and Statistics, Stochastic Process
     B6 (G-B6) Theory of Differential and Integral Equations
     B7 (G-B7) Computer Science, Numerical Analysis and Computing Techniques

C Physics in General

     C1 (G-C1)  Mechanics
     C11(G-C11) Classical Mechanics
     C12(G-C12) Quantum Mechanics
     C13(G-C13) Nonlinear Dynamics
     C2 (G-C2)  Electromagnetism
     C3 (G-C3)  Relativity
     C4 (G-C4)  Statistical Physics, Thermodynamics
     C41(G-C41) Many body Systems
     C5 (G-C5)  Mathematical Methods
     C51(G-C51) Solitons
     C52(G-C52) Fractals

D (G-D) Physics of Fluids and Solids

     D1 (G-D1)  Atoms and Molecules
     D2 (G-D2)  Physics of Fluids
     D21(G-D21) Magnetohydrodynamics, Plasma Physics
     D22(G-D22) Liquids Crystals     
     D3 (G-D3)  Physics of Solids
     D31(G-D31) X-Ray Crystallography
     D32(G-D32) Physics of Polymers
     D33(G-D33) Superconductivity
     D4 (G-D4)  Chemical Physics
     D41(G-D41) Chemistry General
     D42(G-D42) High Polymers
     D5 (G-D5)  Optics and Lasers

E Nuclear Physics

     E1 (G-E1)  Nuclear Physics
     E2 (G-E2)  Elementary Particle Physics and Field Theory
     E21(G-E21) Cosmic Ray

F Related fields

     F1 (G-F1)  Instrumentation
     F2 (G-F2)  Astronomy, Astrophysics, Space Research, Cosmology
     F3 (G-F3)  Geophysics
     F4 (G-F4)  Biology, Biophysics and Biochemistry
     F5 (G-F5)  Nuclear engineering
     F6 (G-F6)  Information and logic

G Conference Series

     G-A Conference Series - Science in General
     G-B Conference Series - Mathematics
     G-C Conference Series - Physics in General

H Series

I Tables

     I1  Mathematical Tables
     I2  Physical Tables

J Dictionary

     J1   Words
     J11  English
     J12  German
     J13  French
     J14  Spanish
     J15  Italian
     J16  Russian
     J17  Other Languages
     J18  Japanese
     J19  Chinese
     J2   Scientific Dictionaries
     J3   Text Books and Linguistics
     J4   Miscellaneous

K Computer and Information Theory

      K1       Information Theory and Cybernetics
      K2(G-K2) Programming and Coding
      K3       Circuits and Electronics

Z Miscellaneous