YITP Workshop
Strings and Fields 2021

August 23 (Mon) - August 27 (Fri), 2021


Day 1

Simon Caron-Huot McGill Causality constraints and gravity
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Junsei Tokuda Kobe University Quantum gravity constraints on scalar potentials from positivity bounds
Katsuki Aoki YITP, Kyoto University Is the Standard Model in the Swampland?
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Matsuo Sato Hirosaki University Backgrounds of All the Five Ten-dimensional Supergravities from String Geometry Theory
Gustavo Arciniega Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México A unified geometric description of the Universe: from inflation to late-time acceleration without a cosmological constant
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Silvia Nagy Queen Mary University of London The double copy for asymptotic symmetries
Keisuke Izumi KMI & Dept. of Math., Nagoya U. Area bound for surfaces in general relativity
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Oem Trivedi Ahmedabad University Swampland conjectures and single field inflation in modified cosmological scenarios
Maurice van Putten Sejong University H0-tension: a whisper of unstable de Sitter by T-duality in the Friedmann scale factor?
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Mitsutoshi Fujita Sun Yat-Sen University Ginzburg-Landau effective action for a fluctuating holographic superconductor
Ryota Watanabe Osaka University Bulk reconstruction of metrics inside black holes by complexity
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Hayato Kanno Yukawa Institute for Theroretical Physics, Kyoto University Anomaly and Superconnection
Ryo Yokokura KEK Global 4-group symmetry of axion electrodynamics in a gapped phase
Tadashi Okazaki Durham University Fermi-gas correlators of ADHM theory and triality symmetry
Poster Session
1: Shoto Aoki Osaka University Chiral fermion on curved domain-wall
2: Yui Hayashi Chiba University Reconstructing propagators of confined particles in the presence of complex singularities
3: Takuya Hirose Osaka City University Nonvanishing finite scalar mass in flux compactification
4: Shoichi Kawamoto National Tsing Hua University Quantum entanglement of accelerated particles and holographic dual
5: Isao Kishimoto Sanyo-Onoda City University On numerical universal solutions in a-gauge in open string field theory
6: Takayasu Kondo Tokyo Institute of Technology WKB periods for higher order ODE and TBA equations
7: Ken Matsuno Osaka City University Advanced Mathematical Institute Hawking radiation from squashed Kaluza-Klein black holes with a generalized uncertainty principle
8: Kaoru Miyamoto Kitasato University Three-dimensional generalization of vortex equation.
9: Akihiro Miyata The University of Tokyo, Komaba Evaporation of black holes in flat space entangled with an auxiliary universe
10: Takeshi Morita Shizuoka University Numerical bootstrap method for quantum physics
11: Yuta Nasuda Tokyo University of Science Non-exactness of SWKB quantization condition and the higher order corrections
12: Nitika Sachdeva Bhagwan Parshuram Institute of Technology, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University Binomial coefficients and Arithmetic Progression in an Alternating Series with its interpretation in Vector Space
13: Yoshiki Sato NCTS Complexity in a moving mirror model
14: Yotaro Sato Kavli IPMU Monodromies and Anomalies in N=2 Heterotic String
15: Lakhdar Sek University of biskra 2+1 Dimensional relativistic oscillator under a uniform magnetic field in noncommutative space
16: Taichi Shimizu Tokyo University of Science Analysis on longevity of Q-balls by dynamical simulations
17: Shreya Shukla University of California, Irvine Metaplectic flavor symmetries from magnetized tori
18: Mitsuyo Suzuki Osaka City University UV-finiteness of supersymmetric gradient flow in N=1 SQCD
19: Maki Takeuchi Kobe University Proof of index theorem on $T^2/Z_2$ orbifold with magnetic flux
20: Takanao Tsuyuki Kogakuin University Minkowski spacetime and non-Ricci-flat compactification in heterotic supergravity
21: Taizan Watari Kavli IPMU W=0 Complex Structure Moduli Stabilization CM-type K3 x K3 Orbifolds
22: Shota Yanai Tokyo University of Science Multi-layered $Q$-compactons in a nonlinear sigma model

Day 2

Davide Gaiotto Perimeter Institute The giant graviton expansion
Satoshi Yamaguchi Osaka University Supersymmetric quantum field theory with exotic symmetry in 3+1 dimensions and fermionic fracton phases
Hirotaka Hayashi Tokai University 6d/5d exceptional gauge theories from web diagrams
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Dongwook Ghim Korea Institute for Advanced Study 5d BPS quivers and KK towers
Dmitrii Galakhov Kavli IPMU Shifted Quiver Yangians and Representations from BPS Crystals
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Adrita Chakraborty Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur Study of probe $(m,n)$-string in $AdS_{3}\times S^{3}$ background with mixed flux by using Neumann-Rosochatius integrable model
Priyadarshini Pandit Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur N Spike D-string in AdS space with mixed flux
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Panupong Cheewaphutthisakun Graduate School of Mathematics, Nagoya University MacMahon KZ equation for Ding-Iohara-Miki algebra
Marcus Sperling Tsinghua University, Yau Mathematical Sciences Center Quantum curves for 6d N=(1,0) theories
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Sunjin Choi Korea Institute for Advanced Study Small AdS black holes from Yang-Mills matrix model
Yuki Yokokura RIKEN, iTHEMS Universality of Interior Metric of Typical Black Holes
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Masataka Koide Osaka university Non-invertible duality defects in 4-dimensional pure Z2 gauge theory
Yuta Nagoya Osaka university Topological defect junctions in 4-dimensional pure Z2 gauge theory
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Chiara Toldo Amsterdam University Updates on the search for multicenter AdS black holes from M-theory
Antonio Gallerati Polytechnic of Turin Instability of supersymmetric black holes via quantum phase transitions
Kantaro Ohmori U. Tokyo Symmetries and Strings of Adjoint QCD2

Day 3

Leonard Susskind Stanford Does the Holographic Principle Apply to de Sitter space, and if so, How?
Ugajin Tomonori Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics Entanglement between two gravitating universes
Jaydeep Kumar Basak Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India Islands for Entanglement Negativity
Masamichi Miyaji UC Berkeley Entanglement of Initial State and Pseudo Entanglement Wedge
Sotaro Sugishita Nagoya University Target space entanglement in quantum mechanics of fermions and matrices
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Sungjoon Kim POSTECH Non-unitary TQFTs from 3D N=4 rank 0 SCFTs
Ioannis Lavdas LMU Munich Boundaries and Topological Twists of 3d N=4 SCFTs
Parallel Slot B
Katsuta Sakai KEK Entanglement entropy in interacting field theories
Aranya Bhattacharya Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore Sub-region complexity of entanglement islands in AdS braneworld model
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Shuichi Yokoyama Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics Topologically protected phase factor, spin Chern-Simons theory and duality on lens space
Zhenghao Zhong Imperial College London 3d Mirrors of U & SU Quivers
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Satoshi Kanno University of Tsukuba Various generalizations of the matrix regularization
Mihailo Cubrovic Institute of Physics Belgrade Chaos and replica wormholes in the IIB matrix model
Sven Krippendorf LMU München Theoretical Particle Physics and Machine Learning

Day 4

Teppei Kitahara Nagoya 'Anomaly' in current low-energy data
Hajime Otsuka KEK Hidden structures in the landscape of heterotic line bundle models
Naotaka Kubo YITP Non-perturbative Tests of Duality Cascades in Three Dimensional Supersymmetric Gauge Theories
Hitoshi Murayama UC Berkeley, Kavli IPMU Can we "solve" gauge theories?
Hiroaki Matsunaga YITP, Kyoto Univ. Path-integral as a homological perturbation
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Jinzhao Wang ETH The refined quantum extremal surface prescription from the asymptotic equipartition property
Yuji Igarashi Faculty of Education, Niigata University QED in the Exact Renormalization Group
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Hiroyuki Kitamoto Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University Semiclassical analysis of axion-assisted and axion-driven pair production
Sravan K. Kumar Tokyo Institute of Technology String inspired non-local gravity, R^2-like inflation
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Junggi Yoon KIAS TTbar deformation of N=(1,1) SUSY model and 3D N=2 Green-Schawrz action
Kushiro Shodai Kyoto University Chaotic string dynamics in deformed T^{1,1}
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Alberto Castellano Mora IFT UAM-CSIC The Gravitino Distance Conjecture
João Penedones EPF Lausanne Where is String Theory?

Day 5

Alexander Maloney McGill Gravity from Averaging
Yoshinori Matsuo Kyoto University Islands and vacuum states
Kotaro Tamaoka Nihon University Product of Random States and Spatial (Half-)Wormholes
Sinya Aoki Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University Conserved charges in general relativity and gauge theories
Evgeny Sobko PDMI&EIMI St.Petersburg SU(N) Principal Chiral Model at Large N and the glimpse of a new String Theory
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Daichi Takeda Kyoto University Interior Product, Lie Derivative and Wilson line in the KBc subsector of Open String Field Theory
Dorin Weissman Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Cubic vertices for supersymmetric higher spin fields
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Yuki Sato Nagoya U Coleman's mechanism in 2d CDT
Zixia Wei Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics Causal Structures and Nonlocality in Double Holography
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Subramanya Hegde Harish-Chandra Research Institute N = 3 Conformal Supergravity in Four Dimensions
Tetsutaro Higaki Keio University 4D effective action from 10D non-Abelian DBI action with magnetic flux background
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Sayantan Choudhury NISER, Bhubaneswar Wormhole calculus without averaging from $O(N)^{q-1} $ tensor model
Mitsuhiro Nishida Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology Regge conformal blocks from the Rindler-AdS black hole and the pole-skipping phenomena
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Akhila Mohan BITS-PIlani Goa campus Uniqueness of Galilean conformal electrodynamics and its dynamical structure
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Masahiro Nozaki iTHEMS, Riken Black-hole like excitation in conformal field theories.
Ayan Kumar Patra Saha Institute Of Nuclear Physics Page Curves and Bath Deformations