YITP Workshop
Strings and Fields 2017

August 7 (Mon) - 11 (Fri), 2017

Panasonic Hall and Rooms Y206 & Y306, Yukawa Memorial Building,
Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan


August 7 (Mon)

Afternoon Session 1 (13:00-14:10)
Vladimir Rosenhaus * KITP, UC Santa Barbara SYK Model *
Afternoon Session 2 (14:30-15:20)
Tatsuo Azeyanagi Universite Libre de Bruxelles Aspects of large D matrix models and tensor models
Suguru Okumura Kyoto University Deformations of the Almheiri-Polchinski model
Afternoon Session 3 (15:35-16:50)
Masaki Shigemori Queen Mary University of London & Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics Recent developments in the black hole microstate geometry program
Minkyu Park Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics Non-Abelian supertubes
Yoshinori Matsuo National Taiwan University Static black holes with back reaction from vacuum energy
Afternoon Session 4 (17:05-18:20)
Yuki Yokokura RIKEN A Model of Black Hole Evaporation and 4D Weyl Anomaly
Nobuyoshi Ohta Kindai University Gauge and Parametrization dependence in Renormalization group approach to Quantum Gravity
Kazunari Shima Saitama Institute of Technology Nonlinear-supersymmetric general relativity theory for a model of nature

August 8 (Tue)

Morning Session 1 (9:00-10:10)
Shinya Kanemura* Osaka University Higgs as a Probe of New Physics*
Morning Session 2 (10:30-11:20)
Naoki Yamatsu Maskawa Institute, Kyoto Sangyo University Special Grand Unification
Masatoshi Yamada Heidelberg University Gauge hierarchy problem in asymptotically safe gravity--the resurgence mechanism
Morning Session 3 (11:35-12:25)
Keita Kanno Kavli IPMU Revisiting arithmetic solutions to the W=0 condition
Hajime Otsuka Waseda University SO(32) heterotic line bundle models
Afternoon Session 1 (14:05-15:20)
Tomoki Nosaka Korea Institute for Advanced Study Instanton in rank-deformed Chern-Simons matter theory from topological string
Sanefumi Moriyama Osaka City University Superconformal Chern-Simons Theories from del Pezzo Geometries
Takao Suyama KEK Strong Coupling Limit of A Family of Chern-Simons-matter Theories
Afternoon Session 2 (15:35-16:50)
Kazuma Shimizu Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics Mass Deformed ABJM Theory in Finite and large N
Shuichi Yokoyama Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics Complete factorization in minimal N=4 Chern-Simons-matter theory
Hironori Mori Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics Refined geometric transition and qq-characters
Afternoon Session 3 (17:05-18:20)
Yuji Sugimoto Osaka University Calabi--Yau geometry and electrons on 2d lattices
Kohta Hatakeyama Shizuoka University Correlation functions and renormalization in a scalar field theory on the fuzzy sphere
Takaki Matsumoto Tsukuba University Information metric and Berry phase in matrix geometry

August 9 (Wed)

Morning Session 1 (9:00-10:10)
Christopher Herzog * Stony brook University Boundary Trace Anomalies and Boundary Conformal Field Theory*
Morning Session 2 (10:30-11:45)
Noburo Shiba Harvard University The Aharonov-Bohm Effect on Entanglement Entropy in Conformal Field Theory
Kotaro Tamaoka Osaka University Entanglement Entropy for 2D Gauge Theories with Matters
Ken Kikuchi Nagoya University Exactly marginal deformations of supersymmetric Renyi entropy
Morning Session 3 (12:00-12:50)
Sotaro Sugishita Osaka University Entanglement entropy for free scalar fields in AdS
Satoshi Ohya Nihon University Conformal Ward-Takahashi Identity at Finite Temperature
Afternoon Session 1 (14:05-15:20)
Taro Kimura Keio University Non-simply-laced quiver gauge theory from Omega-background
Toshiaki Fujimori Keio University Resurgence Structure to All Orders of Multi-bions in Deformed SUSY Quantum Mechanics
Antonino Flachi Keio University Gross-Neveu model on the interval: exact solutions and quantum vacuum energy
Afternoon Session 2 (15:35-18:20)

Poster Session

List of Posters
Jaewang Choi Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics Super Yang-Mills theory with position dependent couplings
Sota Hanazawa Ibaraki University Dirichlet-branes from BRST-invariance in Pure Spinor Formalism
Yasuyuki Hatsuda Rikkyo University Solving Integrable Systems by String Theory
Masaya Iida Tokyo University of Science Fermions coupled with a vortex skyrmion
Hiroshi Isono Chulalongkorn University Inflation from Supersymmetry Breaking
Nahomi Kan National Institute of Technology, Gifu College Boson stars in interacting scalar models associated with graphs
Shoichi Kawamoto Chung Yuan Christian University Charged rotating BTZ black holes in noncommutative space and torsion gravity
Yuta Kikuchi Kyoto University & Stony Brook University Mixed anomaly and global inconsistency in quantum mechanics
Tetsuji Kimura Tokyo Institute of Technology Nonlocal N=1 Supersymmetry
Naoki Kiryu University of Tokyo Structure constants of operators on the Wilson loop at weak coupling
Toru Masuda Nara Women's University Vector profile of classical solutions for constant magnetic field background in open string field theory
Hiroaki Matsunaga Institute of Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences New loop-propagating degrees in superstring field theory
Atsushi Nakamula Kitasato University On magnetically charged limits of calorons
Toshifumi Noumi Kobe University Coset for BMS: Graviton as a Nambu-Goldstone boson
Takayoshi Ootsuka Ochanomizu University Finsler connection on general Finsler manifold
Kazuhiro Sugita Nihon University On Multiple-Brane Solution in Berkovits’ Open Superstring Field Theory
Kento Sugiyama Shizuoka University Multi-cut solutions in Chern-Simons Matrix Models
Takahiro Uetoko Ritsumeikan University Non-SUSY D-branes with Vanishing Cylinder Amplitudes in Asymmetric Orbifolds
Tsuyoshi Yokoya Osaka University Entanglement Entropy for 2D Gauge Theories with Matters
Ruidong Zhu University of Tokyo Orientifold realization of D-type quiver gauge theories in topological vertex formalism and boundary state

August 10 (Thu)

Morning Session 1 (9:00-10:10)
Hiroshi Suzuki* Kyushu University A new domain-wall lattice formulation of chiral gauge theories *
Morning Session 2 (10:30-11:45)
Hidenori Fukaya Osaka University Atiyah-Patodi-Singer index theorem for physicists
Faisal Etminan University of Birjand Auxiliary-field Monte Carlo method for strongly paired fermions
Kazuya Yonekura Kavli IPMU Anomaly constraints on deconfinement and chiral phase transition
Morning Session 3 (12:00-12:50)
Ryo Yokokura Keio University Abelian tensor hierarchy and Chern-Simons actions in 4D N=1 conformal supergravity
Ryoko Yahagi Ochanomizu University Geodesic Equations of Superparticle using Super Finsler Connection
Afternoon Session 1 (14:05-15:15)
Kallol Sen* Kavli IPMU A Mellin space approach to the conformal bootstrap *
Afternoon Session 2 (15:35-16:50)
Chika Hasegawa Rikkyo University Crosscap Bootstrap and $\epsilon$-Expansion from Conformal Field Theory in $4-\epsilon$ Dimensional Critical $\phi^4$-Theory
Hideki Kyono Kyoto University Spinning Geodesic Witten diagrams
Junichi Sakamoto Kyoto University Yang-Baxter sigma models, conformal twists and noncommutative Yang-Mills
Afternoon Session 3 (17:05-18:20)
Ivan Arraut Tokyo University of Science The triangular formulation of the Nambu-Goldstone theorem
Kenji Hotta Hokkaido University Thermal Vacuum State for Open Strings on Brane-Antibrane Pairs in the Framework of Thermo Field Dynamics
Yukihiro Fujimoto National Institute of Technology, Oita College Dynamical generation of fermion mass hierarchy on an interval

August 11 (Fri)

Morning Session 1 (9:00-10:10)
Takahiro Nishinaka * Ritsumeikan University Chiral algebras for 4d N≥2 superconformal field theories *
Morning Session 2 (10:30-11:45)
Hirotaka Hayashi Tokai University 5d/6d DE instantons from trivalent gluing of web diagrams
Futoshi Yagi Technion Discrete theta angle from O5-plane
Hiroyuki Shimizu Kavli IPMU Small instanton transitions for M5 fractions
Morning Session 3 (12:00-13:15)
Tadashi Okazaki National Taiwan University Emergence of Supergroups from Junctions of M-Branes
Yuta Sekiguchi University of Bern Twisted Wilson Line Defects from Flux Backgrounds
Takafumi Okubo Tokyo Institute of Technology Quantum periods and prepotential in N=2 SU(2) SQCD