YITP Workshop
Strings and Fields 2020

November 16 (Mon) - 20 (Fri), 2020


Day 1

Hitoshi Murayama Berkeley & Kavli IPMU Recent topics in Particle Physics
Kantaro Ohmori Simons Center for Geometry and Physics Symmetries and Strings of Adjoint QCD2
Tatsuhiro Misumi Akita University Lattice study on adiabatic continuity in the $\mathbb{Z}_N$-twisted $CP^{N-1}$ model
Toshiaki Fujimori Keio University Exact resurgent transseries from path integral in a quantum mechanical model
Hidehiko Shimada Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University Exact computation of operator product expansion for an interacting model with space/time anisotropic scaling symmetry
1: Mitsutoshi Fujita Sun Yat-sen University Thermodynamical property of entanglement entropy and deconfinement phase transition
2: Tomohiro Furukawa Osaka City University Brane Transition from Exceptional Groups
3: Takayuki Hirayama Chubu university Classical Statistical simulation of Quantum Field Theory
4: Tomonori Inoue Kobe University Monopole and Berry's connections in quantum graph
5: Keita Nii YITP Generalized Giveon-Kutasov duality
6: Takayasu Kondo Tokyo Institute of Technology ODE/IM correspondence for affine Lie algebras
7: Hoiki Liu the University of Tokyo Wavefunctions in dS/CFT revisited: principal series and double-trace deformations
8: Sabyasachi Maulik Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, HBNI, India Holographic entanglement entropy and the first law for boosted AdS black holes
9: Kohei Miura Tohoku University Metric algebroid and Dirac generating operator in Double Field Theory
10: Shin Nakamura Chuo University Current Driven Tricritical Point in Large- Nc Gauge Theory
11: Yuta Nasuda Tokyo University of Science Numerical study of the SWKB condition of novel classes of exactly solvable systems
12: Nao Oishi Kitasato university, Japan Singular vortex lattice on hyperbolic plane
13: Kazumasa Okabayashi Osaka City University Particle creation and its robustness from a horizonless compact object
14: Tetsuya Onogi Osaka University Geometry from flow equation - Does CFT at finite T give AdS blackhole? -
15: Yotaro Sato Kavli IPMU, The University of Tokyo Witten anomaly in Heterotic compactifications
16: Akhil Sivakumar International Centre for Theoretical Sciences (ICTS), Bangalore Fermionic open field theories from holography.
17: Haruya Suzuki Ibaraki University Interaction vertices of bosonic higher spin gauge theory in BRST-antifield formalism
18: Toshiaki Takeuchi Kobe University Spiky strings in de Sitter space
19: Maki Takeuchi Kobe univ. Relation between zero modes and winding numbers at fixed points on $T^2/\mathbb{Z}_N$ orbifold
20: Gota Tanaka Shizuoka University Renormalization vs Diffusion
21: Shunsuke Taniwaki Kyushu University Phases of SU(6) chiral gauge theories via CP and generalized global symmetries
22: Inori Ueba Kobe University Instatons and Berry's connections on quantum graph
23: Hiromasa Watanabe University of Tsukuba Partial Deconfinement at Strong Coupling on the Lattice
24: Shota Yanai Tokyo University of Science The $CP^N$ compact charged boson stars and shells
25: Ryo Yokokura KEK Higher-form symmetries and 3-group in axion electrodynamics

Day 2

Mitsuhiro Nishida Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology Pole-skipping of scalar and vector fields in hyperbolic space
Masahiro Nozaki iTHEMS, Riken Operator entanglement and quantum scrambling
Takaaki Ishii Kyoto University Resonating AdS soliton
Ioannis Papadimitriou Korea Institute for Advanced Study Supersymmetry and anomalies
Hidenori Fukaya Osaka University A physicist-friendly reformulation of the mod-two APS index
Yuji Sugimoto University of Science and Technology of China Topological Vertex/anti-Vertex and Supergroup Gauge Theory
Naoto Kan Tokyo Institute of Technology Half-hypermultiplets and incomplete/complete resolutions in F-theory
Sunil Mukhi IISER Pune Lattices, Cosets and Rational Conformal Field Theory
Yoshiki Sato NCTS Free energy of conformally coupled scalar field and defect C-theorem
Soumangsu Chakraborty Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai String and Field theory aspects of TTbar and related deformations
Florian Loebbert Humboldt University Berlin Massive Conformal Symmetry and Integrability for Feynman Integrals
Tadashi Okazaki Durham University Sphere correlation functions and Verma modules
Marcos Marino Université de Genève Recent developments in resurgence

Day 3

Zohar Komargodski Simons Center for Geometry and Physics Thermal Order
Hajime Otsuka KEK Spontaneous CP violation and symplectic modular symmetry in Calabi-Yau compactifications
Yuta Hamada Harvard University Aspects of holographic axion dynamics
Sukruti Bansal Chulalongkorn University Unimodular vs Nilpotent Superfield Approach to Pure dS Supergravity
Hiroyuki Kitamoto Frontier Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Sciences, Tohoku University No-go theorem of anisotropic inflation via Schwinger mechanism
Yutaka Yoshida Kavli IPMU 3d N=2 Chern-Simons-matter theory, Bethe ansatz, and quantum K-theory of Grassmannians
Takahiro Uetoko Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics Irregular States and Gauged Argyres-Douglas Theories
Jaewon Song Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Classification of large N superconformal gauge theories with a dense spectrum
Kaiwen Sun Max Planck Institute for Mathematics, Bonn Elliptic blowup equations for 6d (1,0) SCFTs
1: Mihaela Baloi West University of Timisoara Scalar pair production in a magnetic field in de Sitter universe
2: Aranya Bhattacharya Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata & HBNI, Mumbai On Multi-boundary Wormhole models of island
3: Debasish Das Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics Measurements of leptons from HF decays
4: Evgenii Ievlev Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute Solitonic Vortex in 4d SQCD vs Critical Superstring
5: Takuya Kimura Ritsumeikan University Patition functions of gaged Argyres-Douglas theories and S-duality
6: Yoshihisa Kitazawa KEK Curvature Perturbations and Anomaly explains Dark Energy
7: Naotaka Kubo YITP Fermi gas approach to general rank theories and quantum curves
8: Helder Larraguivel University of Warsaw Topological recursion for knots-quivers partition functions
9: Upamanyu Moitra Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Near-Extremal Fluid Mechanics
10: Kento Osuga University of Sheffield Super Topological Recursion
11: Mikhail Pavlov LPI RAS Holographic variables for Virasoro conformal blocks with heavy operators
12: Luciano Petruzziello University of Salerno & INFN Quantum gravity phenomenology via generalized uncertainty principle
13: Debajyoti Sarkar Indian Institute of Technology Indore Endpoint contributions to excited-state modular Hamiltonians
14: Rajeev Singh Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences, Krakow Poland Spin polarization issue in heavy-ions collisions.
15: Ryo Suzuki Shing-Tung Yau Center of Southeast University On some properties of huge operators in N=4 SYM
16: Seiji Terashima YITP, Kyoto Bulk Locality in AdS/CFT Correspondence
17: Fengjun Xu Heidelberg TCS $G_2$ compactification and 4D Emergent String
18: Yuki Yokokura RIKEN, iTHEMS Black Hole as a Quantum Field Configuration
19: Ruidong Zhu Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies & Soochow University Topological vertex for SO(N) gauge theories

Day 4

Geoff Penington Berkeley Replica Wormholes: Entanglement Wedges and the Black Hole Information Paradox
Tomonori Ugajin Yukawa Entanglement between two disjoint universes
Shan-Ming Ruan Perimeter Institute Evaporating Black Holes Coupled to a Thermal Bath
Dominik Neuenfeld Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics Quantum Extremal Islands Made Easy
Ayan Mukhopadhyay Indian Institute of Technology Madras Analogue quantum black holes
Yoshinori Matsuo Osaka University Islands in Schwarzschild black holes
Kanato Goto RIKEN Replica wormholes and the entropy of the Hawking radiation for an evaporating 2D black hole
Kotaro Tamaoka Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics Gravity Edges Modes and Hayward Term
Gabriel Wong Wong, Gabriel Entanglement entropy and edge modes in topological string theory
Manus Visser University of Geneva The first law of differential entropy and holographic complexity
Tomoki Nosaka SISSA chaos and thermodynamics of SYK traversable wormholes

Day 5

1: Yoshihiko Abe Kyoto university Implications of the weak gravity conjecture in anomalous quiver gauge theories
2: Sinya Aoki Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto Univwersity Conserved charges in gravity
3: Yuichi Enoki The University of Tokyo Modular Forms as Classification Invariants of 4D N=2 Heterotic--IIA Dual Vacua
4: Eric Howard Macquarie University Low-energy conditions for string and superstring theories
5: Noriaki Ikeda Ritsumeikan university Geometry of double field theory and (pre-)rackoid
6: Keita Imaizumi Tokyo institute of technology Exact WKB analysis and TBA equations for the Mathieu equation
7: Shoichi Kawamoto National Tsing Hua University Momentum-space entanglement in scalar field theory on the fuzzy sphere
8: Omar Kidwai University of Tokyo Topological recursion and uncoupled BPS structures for hypergeometric spectral curves
9: Isao Kishimoto Sanyo-Onoda City University On numerical solutions in open string field theory around the identity-based solution
10: Sujoy Mahato Institute of Mathematical Sciences Surface Defect from Fractional Branes
11: Taha Malik The University of Texas at San Antonio Proof of the quantum null energy condition for free fermionic field theories
12: Miguel Angel Martin-Contreras Universidad de Valparaiso Non-linear Regge trajectories with bottom-up AdS/QCD
13: Tatsuya Mori Tokyo Institute of Technology Superconformal indices of $6$D $A_{N-1}$ theories
14: Ian Nagle Macquarie University Conserved charges for evaporating black holes
15: Sota Nakajima Osaka City University Stability, enhanced gauge symmetry and suppressed cosmological constant in heterotic interpolating models
16: Yasunori Nomura UC Berkeley From the Black Hole Conundrum to the Structure of Quantum Gravity
17: Toshihiro Ota Osaka university Wilson-'t Hooft lines as transfer matrices
18: Koichi Saito The University of Tokyo, Komaba U(1) spin Chern-Simons theory and Arf invariants in two dimensions
19: Noburo Shiba Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University Pseudo entropy in free scalar field theory
20: Kenta Shiozawa Kitasato University World-volume Effective Theories of Locally Non-geometric Branes
21: Akimi Watanabe University of Tokyo Dimensional oxidization on coset space
22: Ryota Watanabe Osaka University Chaos and scrambling in simple quantum systems via OTOC
23: Zixia Wei Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics Holographic Pseudo Entropy
Shiraz Minwalla TIFR Constraining Tree Level Gravitational Scattering
Sotaro Sugishita KEK IR finite S-matrix by gauge invariant dressed states
Junsei Tokuda Kobe University Positivity bounds on low-energy gravitational EFTs
Sudip Ghosh Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology MHV Graviton Scattering Amplitudes and Current Algebra on the Celestial Sphere
Subham Dutta Chowdhury Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Classification of four-point local gluon S-matrices
Antonio Gallerati Politecnico di Torino, Italy Supersymmetry, holography and applications