Volume 7 - 2

  1. 研究会報告
    2 - 熱場の量子論とその応用
    素粒子論研究・電子版 Vol 7 (2011) No 2
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    【日時】2010 年08 月30 日 - 2010 年09 月01 日

    【場所】京都大学 基礎物理学研究所 湯川記念館 Panasonic 国際交流ホール

    【内容】The aim of this workshop is to discuss the latest developments of thermal quantum field theories and their applications in a variety of fields in physics: not only particle physics, nuclear physics, and cosmology, but also in newly developing fields of quantum statistical physics, and condensed matter physics. Particle physics, nuclear physics, and cosmology have been the main target fields of this workshop. For example, recent progress of thermal QCD calculations (including Lattice QCD) and their applications for QCD phase transitions, and the quark gluon plasma states have been intensively discussed. The phase structure in finite temperature and density QCD (including color superconducting states and quark stars) is one of the recent topics and a lot of discussions have been done for them. In statistical and condensed-matter physics, the Bose-Einstein condensation and superfluid phase transition in atomic gases have been discussed: these topics are closely related with thermal field theories and expected to give new developments in thermal field theories.

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