Takehiro Azuma

  • Associate Professor at Institute for Fundamental Sciences, Setsunan University
  • E-mail:

    Website for lecture information at Setsunan University, password-protected(摂南大学での講義情報、要パスワード)

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    arXiv.org (YITP Mirror has been discountinued)

    arXiv:0812.4408 "Solutions of Polchinski's String Theory" [Vol. 1] [Vol. 2]

    arXiv:1101.0618 "Gauge/String Duality, Hot QCD and Heavy Ion Collisions"

    arXiv:1409.3575 "AdS/CFT Duality User Guide"

    arXiv:1506.02567 "Introduction to Computational Physics and Monte Carlo Simulations of Matrix Field Theory"

    "Lectures on Matrix Field Theory" I[arXiv:1603.00924]

    "Computational Physics - A Practical Introduction to Computational Physics and Scientific Computing"

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