PTPTeX Class Files

Please see the manual for PTPTeX:
"Instruction for Making LaTeX Compuscripts Using PTPTeX ---LaTeX 2e Version---"

PDF file (120 KB)   [Updated on November 20, 2008] is a zip file containing the following 7 files.
  1. manptp.tex : Source file of the manual for PTPTeX"
  2. template.tex : Template for making a PTPTeX compuscript.
  3. ptptex.cls : Main class file of PTPTeX.
  4. ptp-prep.clo : Class option file for preprint style output.
  5. wrapft.sty : Macro for wrapfigure and wraptable environments.
  6. wrapfig.sty : (Macro called by wrapfig.sty)
  7. overcite.sty : (Macro called by overcite.sty)
With the exception of 1 and 2, the file names should not be changed when these files are saved.

We have uploaded the PTPTeX class file for LaTeX2e onto CTAN and registered it at For this reason, when you contribute a manuscript file to e-print arXiv prepared using PTPTeX for LaTeX2e, you no longer have to include the macro-package of the PTPTeX file. In other words, you can contribute manuscripts using your own source files alone.

Last Updated December 17, 2008.

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