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Progress of Theoretical Physics Supplement No. 180

Particle Physics beyond the Standard Model

Proceedings of the 16th Yukawa International Seminar (YKIS2008)

Edited by T. Kobayashi and T. Kugo

This volume of the Supplement is devoted to the proceedings of the 16th Yukawa International Seminar (YKIS2008) Workshop and Symposium; that is, the long-term workshop on ``Particle Physics beyond the Standard Model" held at the Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics (YITP) in Kyoto, for two months from January 26 to March 25, 2009, and the YKIS Symposium on the same title, which was held as a part of the workshop for a week March 9 - 13, 2009.

This workshop had 65 participants in total aside from the participants of the YKIS Symposium. The workshop had a few seminars per week to secure enough free time for discussions and collaborations among the participants.

The symposium was arranged as a one-week program of intensive fourteen seminars to focus on particle physics beyond the standard model in the upcoming LHC era. Also there we had at most three seminars a day to keep an ample of time for discussions among participants. About 70 physicists participated, and there were numerous, very active discussions.

The main topics in the workshop and symposium are:

  (1)   Supersymmetry
  (2)   Dynamical symmetry breaking
  (3)   Conformal dynamics
  (4)   Flavor physics, neutrino physics
  (5)   Dark matter
  (6)   Lattice QCD
  (7)   Collider physics
  (8)   Grand unified theory
  (9)   Extra dimensional models
(10)   String phenomenology, F-GUT

This volume contains fourteen papers written for nine lectures and seminar talks given in the workshop and five seminar talks given in the symposium. We hope that these papers bring the flavor of the workshop and give inspirations to the readers.

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