New Frontiers in QCD 2010
YIPQS (Yukawa International Program for Quark-Hadron Sciences) workshop on
  Exotics from Heavy Ion Collisions
May 17 (Mon) - May 30 (Sun), 2010,
Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto, Japan

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Exotics from Heavy-Ion Collisions

We are going to hold a YITP workshop entitled "Exotics from Heavy Ion Collisions (ExHIC10)", May 17-30, 2010, Kyoto, Japan. This is one of the series of the "molecule"-type(*1) workshops in the Yukawa International Program for Quark-hadron Sciences (YIPQS), which is a five-year YITP research program (2007-2012).

Purpose of the workshop: We investigate the production of exotic hadrons and interactions between short-lived particles in high-energy heavy-ion collisions. Thermal and recombination formation mechanisms of hadrons are discussed, and we try to predict exotic hadron production rate. We also propose new heavy multiquark configurations and discuss ideas to study multiquark configurations from heavy ion collisions.
Proposal in pdf format
Announce (ml-np and sg-l)(in Japanese)
Program (pdf)

(Expected) Participants:
List of registered participants

Su Houng Lee (YITP/Yonsei)(5/17-30),
Che-ming Ko (Texas A & M)(5/17-29),
Marina Nielsen (Sao Paulo)(5/16-23),
Huan Z. Huang (UCLA)(5/17-21),
In-Kwon Yoo (Pusan)(5/19-21),
Sungtae Cho (Yonsei)(5/17-29),
Youngjoon Kwon (Yonsei) (5/19-21),
A. I. Titov (Dubna, JINR),
Atsushi Hosaka (RCNP),
Tetsuo Hyodo (TITech)(5/23-28),
Chiho Nonaka (Nagoya)(5/17-18,5/21,5/26-28),
Maya Shimomura (Tsukuba),
Shigehiro Yasui (KEK)(5/17-30),
Koichi Yazaki (RIKEN/YITP)(5/19-21),
C.J. Yoon (SPring8)(5/19-22),
Ken'ichi Imai (JAEA)(5/19-21),
Shunzo Kumano (KEK)(5/19-20),
Makoto Oka (TITech)(5/20),
Masayuki Niiyama (RIKEN)(5/20+...),
Masayuki Asakawa (Osaka)(5/20),
Tetsuo Hatsuda (Tokyo)(5/21),
Yasuo Miake (Tsukuba)(*),
Takayuki Matsuki (Tokyo Kasei)(*),
Kenji Fukushima (YITP),
Alberto Martinez Torres (YITP),
Teiji Kunihiro (Kyoto)(*),
Hideo Suganuma (Kyoto),
Yoshiko Kanada-En'yo (Kyoto)(5/20),
Hiroyuki Fujioka (Kyoto)(*),
Tomofumi Nagae (Kyoto)(*),
Daisuke Jido (YITP),
Akira Ohnishi (YITP)

(*: to be confirmed)

*1: "Molecule"-type workshop is a small sized workshop (< 10-30 participants), in which participants are expected to proceed their collaboration works during the workshop. One or a few "core" participants are requested to stay for two weeks or more. Core participants and organizers are regarded as atoms, and they are expected to make a covalently-linked molecule (deeply discussing team) with other participants.



Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kitashirakawa-Oiwakecho, Sakyo, Kyoto 606-8502, JAPAN

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