Application to NQS2011 has been closed on August 31.


How to correct/change:
If you feel like changing your abstract/schedule, send your corrections/changes via an email with the subject "correction No.(your registration number) (your family name)" (e.g. correction No.25 Yukawa). The contact address can be found in "contact".


(i) abstract submission (together with application)
... July 31
(ii) application without presentation
... August 31

registration fee

All the accepted participants (including the invited speakers) are requested to pay the registration fee 2000 JPY at the reception desk.


Contact us to let us know your cancellation as soon as possible. Make sure to show both your family name and the registration number (indicated in our response to your application). Therefore, the subject of your message will read: "cancellation (your registration number) (your family name)" (e.g. cancellation No.25 Yukawa).
If you booked your hotel through the Nihon Travel Agency WEB site, please follow the instruction shown in the site.
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