Non-equilibrium identities and nonlinear response theory for granular fluids


Although it has been believed that non-equilibrium identities such as the fluctuation theorem are supported by the local time-reversal symmetry or the detailed balance condition, some experiments and theoretical papers[1-3] suggest the existence of fluctuation theorem or related equation even in granular systems which do not have neither any time reversal symmetry nor the detailed balance.
To clarify the reason why we observe such identities, we develop the general formalism which can be applied to any dissipative classical systems, and derive some non-equilibrium identities such as the integral fluctuation theorem (IFT), Jarzynski equality and the generalized Green-Kubo formula starting from an arbitrary non-equilibrium state.[4]
In particular, the existence of IFT directly leads to the corresponding law to the second law of thermodynamics. The validity of these identities have been verified through the numerical simulation for sheared granular fluids.[4]

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