Analysis of local constitutive modeling of granular flow, and motivation for nonlocal extensions


This talk constructs and tests a local continuum model for dense granular matter, which can be used model the stress and velocity profiles of well-developed flows in arbitrary geometries. Specialized models for granular elasticity (Jiang and Liu 2003) and rate-sensitive "inertial" flow (Jop et al. 2006) are reformulated and combined into one universal elasto-plastic law, capable of determining flowing regions and stagnant zones simultaneously in any arbitrary 3D flow geometry. The flow rule assumes a strict yield criterion, and plastic deformation governed by a relationship between an inertial number and the applied stress ratio. The model is numerically implemented within customize-able finite-element software, and results are directly compared to experiments and discrete particle simulations in several inhomogeneous flow geometries. We conclude with an evaluation of the overall breadth of the model, and provide preliminary arguments for why and how to enhance the description using nonlocal quantities.

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