Non-affine Response of Granular Packing and Dynamic Heterogeneities in Dense Granular Flows


We study microscopic responses of two-dimensional granular packing to isotropic compressions by numerical simulations, where we find that degree of non-affinity is nicely scaled by the ratio of an increment of area fractions to distance from the jamming point. Because of the non-affine response of granular packing, development of probability distribution functions (PDFs) of inter-particle forces or overlaps is characterized by “broadening” and we introduce Master equation to describe the development of the PDFs under isotropic compressions.

In the second part of this talk, we show our experiments on dynamic heterogeneities (DH) in dense granular flows, where we trace grains floating on capillary waves and investigate typical time and length scales which diverge near the jamming point. From our experiments, we find that the granular flows are significant for diffusion but not for DH.

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